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Thank you to the Five Republicans who Voted NO on Obamacare

Thank youLast night the Republican controlled Ohio House voted for the largest budget in Ohio history, $131.6 billion.   That budget cements Obamacare’s Medicaid expansion in our state which will eventually put our state’s budget in peril.
Five Republicans stood up for what is right and voted no. Three of them from Southwest Ohio.  Please thank them, click there name to send them a message.
If your State Rep’s name is not on the list, you should ask them why they stand with Governor Kasich and President Obama in supporting Obamacare.
If supporting Obamacare and spending more than 3x the rate of inflation on the budget isn’t what you sent your State Rep to Columbus to do, then we need to find someone who will do the right thing. The filing deadline for running in the 2016 primary is the last week of November…seven months away.
Its time to find people that will stand on principle and do what is right, not what is easy.

Watch videos and see pictures from Tax Day 2015

Vendor TablesWatch the entire Cincinnati Tea Party Tax Day 2015.  Below are pictures, a recap and links to the sponsors and speakers at the event.  Thanks to everyone who attended.

Standing Room OnlyBrian Thomas was master of ceremonies, and did a great job as usual.  Chris Monzel, a member of the Hamilton County Commissioners, is a conservative who mentioned that his group has invited citizens to attend their meetings and offer suggestions. He told us how much money they were able to save on a project due to a citizen suggestion.

Heidi HuberHeidi Huber, who is very involved with eliminating Common Core, informed us that a “Local Control Restoration Act” will be introduced into the Ohio House. They are working to get sponsors.

Ben SwannBen Swan from Accuracy Check, on Channel 19, and now told us that: We are now living in a socialist country, given our government controls.
The office of the president is permitted to use our military wherever in the world he chooses, without the consent of Congress. The police departments in our country are being militarized, policing for profit…collecting revenue and have become dependent on it. Both democrats and republicans are now fascist. It should be called “corporatism” it’s the merger of corporate and government power
He defined fascism as a philosophy which says that the individual is never more important than the collective. (Ex.: If the gov. wants your property to build something which they think the people want, they can take it.) Fascism takes away personal freedom and property rights which is the basis of our freedom. The State makes the decisions for the collective, not the individual for themselves. We must FIGHT THIS DISEASE, HE SAID.

Jenny Beth MartinJenny Beth Martin of Tea Party Patriots spoke about the IRS being used to punish conservatives for disagreeing with the President. She said that we should let our representatives know when we’re pleased with them by writing letters or calling. That way they will know that they are not alone in this fight. She told us to lobby for picture ID’s for voting on April 29th in Columbus.

Ted Stevenot spoke about the importance of Central Committee. He told us that in Clermont County it sometimes comes down to the fact that 100 people are responsible for telling 132,966 people who to vote for. This happens because the Central Committee members endorse candidates for the primary. He said that writing letters, calling, going to rallies is great but will not change things as much as changing Central Committee. That the answer!

Matt KibbeMatt Kibbe of Freedom Works talked about the union members and their freedom from Obamacare.  He said that we need to get rid of the alphabet agencies.
He mentioned that it is so important to put really good people into office. “Progressives 100 yrs ago knew that if they got the right people in charge, they’d be able to stay there, they don’t think they work for us. We even pay them to hire lobbyists to work against us!”

Thank you to our sponsors! These are amazing groups and businesses that stand for Liberty. Please thank them with your time and money!

TeaTea Party Patriots Party Patriots

AmericansAFP for Prosperity –

Freedomworks – 
Generation Opportunity –
Ohio Precinct Project
Building Blocks for Liberty –
EmpowerU Ohio
Second Call Defense –
Harald Zieger
Heartland Tshirts –
Concerned Veterans for America
Heritage Action –
Ohioans for Workplace Freedom
Diehl Insurance
Cincinnati Right to Life-
Fair and Square Bargain 2016 –
The Patriot Fair
Urban Banners
Ready Line Shooting Complex
Kyle Hufford for Springfield Township Trustee
Clean King 513-290-2852

Amazing Line-up

Tax Day Facebook adHave you gotten your Tax Day Tickets yet!  This is going to be such a huge event.  We are blessed to have amazing speakers on hand to excite us and educate us in the name of Liberty.

Cincinnati Tea Party Tax Day
When:   Wednesday, April 15, 2015, doors and VIP room open at 6pm.  Speakers begin at 7pm.
Where: Sharonville Convention Center, East Hall

Cost:  Tickets are $15.00 each or $25 for a couple.  Add a guest ticket to your order for the $25 deal.
Register for tickets at

Ben Swann is coming to speak at Tax Day.  Ben has been doing amazing reporting of foreign policy for years.  His look at the world and how the United States fits into the framework has always challenged me.  He really looks at the impact that American involvement has in any part of the world we intervene. I am excited to hear his take on the world.
Matt Kibbe has been defending freedom all over the country with Freedomworks.  He wrote a book called “Don’t Hurt People and Don’t Take Their Stuff’.  Its a rational yet passionate argument that defends the principles upon which America was founded-principles shared by citizens across the political spectrum. The Constitution grants each American the right to self-determination, to be protected from others whose actions are destructive to their lives and property. Yet as Kibbe persuasively shows, the political and corporate establishment consolidates its power by infringing upon our independence-from taxes to regulations to spying-ultimately eroding the ideals, codified in law, that have made the United States unique in history.
This is going to be an amazing event.  Come and bring a guest.

Biggest Liberty Event of the Year

Tax Day with Matt KibbeBeing a part of politics for a long time has a few perks… one of them is meeting people that are at the top of their game.  One person that I have the honor of calling my friend is Brian Thomas.  Brian is nothing more than spectacular.  He and Joe Strecker on 55krc’s Morning Show always start my day off right…or raise my blood pressure, depending on what they are talking about.  I get to talk to Brian on Monday mornings at 7:40 about Liberty events all over the Tri-State.  He is constantly supporting the Liberty Movement and this Tax Day is no different.  Brian will be the MC of our big Tax Day event on April 15th.  I hope you come out to hear him!
Chris Monzel is also going to speak to us at Tax Day.  There are few politicians in the world that stand up for what is right like Chris Monzel.  Hamilton County is very lucky to have him.  News broke last week that Moody’s Investors Service removed a “negative outlook” label from the counties bond rating and replaced it with a “stable outlook”.  That may seem like a small deal, but in the bond market it is huge.  It is due to the fiscally responsible leadership of Chris Monzel.  It will be great to get an update from him at Tax Day.

Cincinnati Tea Party Tax Day
When:   Wednesday, April 15, 2015, doors and VIP room open at 6pm.  Speakers begin at 7pm.
Where: Sharonville Convention Center, East Hall
Cost:  Tickets are $15.00 each or $25 for a couple.  Add a guest ticket to your order for the $25 deal.

Register for tickets at

Get your friends together.  This is going to be an amazing night. See you at Tax Day.

John Husted, Thomas Massie, Matt Kibbe, Tom Woods. Liberty events in the Tri-State.

Freedom this wayAnderson Tea Party Meeting
When: Tuesday, March 31st 7:00-8:00 PM
Where:  Anderson Center, Small Conference Room. 7850 Five Mile Road
There is much happening in our world today. Spring has sprung and we are getting in gear. Please join us for “Movie Night” this Tuesday.

Clermont County Tea Party – Secretary of State John Husted
When: Tuesday, April 7th at 7pm
Where: Holiday Inn Eastgate
Our special guest will be Ohio Secretary of State, Jon Husted to speak about protecting the integrity of elections in our state.

Recently, Secretary Husted testified before Congress about voter fraud, and how President Obama’s executive actions on immigration could further undermine voting integrity.

Also speaking at the meeting will be representatives from the Ohio Voter Integrity Project.

Southwest Ohio Libertarian Party Socializer
When: Thursday, April 9th at 7:30pm
Where: Flip Daddy’s 12071 Mason Montgomery Road Cincinnati, Ohio 45249
Learn more about the Libertarian Party at this Southwest Ohio Regional social event.

Young Americans for Liberty State Conference – Thomas Massie, Tom Woods and more
When: Saturday, April 11th 9am-7pm
Where: University of Cinncinnati, Cinncinnati OH, Swift Hall 800
Tickets are available:
YAL is partnering with state and national organizations to offer you a one-day training and networking event designed to build stronger state cooperation, improve our activists’ effectiveness, and inspire attendees to do even more to advance the cause of liberty.

When you attend a YAL State Convention, you will discover new ideas, connect with local leaders, and find opportunities you never knew existed. We’re also bringing 4 keynote speakers — Thomas Massie, Thomas Woods, David Boaz and Melony Armstrong!

Tickets are FREE for dues-paying YAL members (Join YAL for $10 here) and $25 for non-members. All of these events are open to the public. Bring your YAL chapter, friends, and family.

Your ticket includes a free lunch, expert training, a tote bag of free materials, the opportunity to connect with sponsoring organizations, and the chance to network with the brightest minds in our movement.


Due paying members (cost $10) = Free
Non-paying members = $25

Building Blocks of Liberty presents Publius Huldah and Convention of States Director Steve Stechschulte to debate an Article V Convention
When : Saturday, April 11, 2015 at 10:00am
Where: Lakota Freshman Auditorium, 5050 Tylersville Road West Chester, Ohio 45069

An amazing opportunity!  Hear both sides of the Article V Convention debate between Publius Huldah and Convention of States Director Steve Stechschulte. Steve will speak first, presenting his case and then PH will follow presenting the con side. Questions will then be taken from the audience until we are done. Attendees will leave with more understanding of the dangers of a convention called by Congress but will also receive the safe solutions the States can undertake to rein in the federal government.

Cincinnati Tea Party Tax Day Rally – Be the Change you want to see with Matt Kibbe from Freedomworks
When:   Wednesday, April 15, 2015, doors and VIP room open at 6pm.  Speakers begin at 7pm.
Where: Sharonville Convention Center, East Hall
Cost:  Tickets are $15.00 each or $25 for a couple. Children 13 and under are free.
Register for tickets at

Cincinnati Tea Party Tax Day 2015 is the Liberty event of the year!  We want you to ‘Be the change you want to see’.  Featured speaker Matt Kibbe from Freedomworks is ready to energize you!  Also featuring Ben Swann, 55krc’s Brian Thomas and Hamilton County Commissioner Chris Monzel.  This will be an amazing night of information and inspiration.  Join us.  Spread the word.  Bring a friend.

Constitution Boot Camp XIV in Xenia
When: Saturday, April 18th Registration begins at 8:15am, class 9am – 3pm.
Where: Xenia Community Center. 1219 W Second Street Xenia, OH, 45385

These classes include the following:
Do you know your Constitutional Pedigree ?
Who were the main influences on the Founders thinking ?
What is Natural Law ?
What is the difference between a Republic & a Democracy and which one are we ?
What is the relationship between the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution ?
What tools do we use to help us understand the Constitution ?
Understanding Enumerated Powers
Much more !

The suggested donation for the class is $20 per person. If you have more than one coming from the same family and only want one set of books, each additional person will be $5. Included in the $20 donation are three books; The Federalist Papers, The 5000 Year Leap and The Constitution Made Easy. Everyone gets a binder that holds the presentation and additional pertinent papers.

This session is appropriate for teenagers, we encourage you to have your teenagers attend. Parents bring your Children and Grandparents bring your Grandkids. Seats are limited so sign up today !

To register for the class email Jim Lewis with the names of all attending, their email addresses and who gets a set of books and who doesn’t. You will receive a confirmation email in return.

12-Week Course on the U.S. Constitution by the Institute on the Constitution
When: Saturday morning, April 18, 2015, through Saturday morning, July 11, 2015, approximate time 10:00 am – 11:30 am. (We will Skip the July 4th Weekend.)
Where: Springboro High School Large Group Instruction Room (LGI,) 1675 S. Main St., Springboro, OH 45066, (937) 748-3950

The Institute on the Constitution is a highly acclaimed course for college-age students and adults. It is about the true Biblical founding of our country, as written in primary source documents, by our Founding Fathers and others. It is not about Democrats or Republicans. It is about the Constitution, about how our politicians from both sides have strayed far away from the Constitution’s original intent, and it is about a Huge, Dysfunctional Government versus We The People!

Classes are one day per week for approximately 90 minutes, 10:00 – 11:30 am, and they include video lectures, group review and discussion questions. Video instructors are U.S. Air Force Lt. Colonel John Eidsmoe, a Constitutional attorney, professor, and lecturer, and David Barton,, an expert historian and master teacher of the founding era of America. Supplemental materials and handouts, additional videos, guest speakers and recommended books for additional reading, will be offered.

If you are interested in taking this course, please contact Ellen Horton at
(937) 787-5335  or