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A call to minutemen for this Friday update and great success!!!


With less than 24 hours notice, you came and outnumbered by 2-1 or more the OFA crowd on Beechmont! Thank you!! Our crowd was bigger and nicer and much more educated than the anti gun crowd. We will continue to follow them and show up when appropriate. We will concede no ground. This is our line in the sand and you all came through! Thank you again…. It is because of you we are able to do what we do….

Common core, come learn at any of 3 forums near you!!

Common Core Information Forums

Understanding National Common Core Standards and PARCC Assessments Continue reading

Emergency Action Phone Calls to Columbus!!!!

It is our understanding that tonight the Ohio House is going to meet to “count votes” to see if the support is there to pass the Expansion of Medicaid in some form.  If we want to stop this, it must happen today.  It is imperative that ALL of us, ALL OF US, call every Republican in the House and demand that they stand firm against the Expansion of Medicaid or ANY implementation of ObamaCare in ANY FORM.  Continue reading

Courage in the Senate, Capitulation in the House….

Statue of LibertyObamacare didn’t become law of the land after November’s election. It became law yesterday when a Republican House Majority solidified Obamacare funding. Yesterday, the Republican lead House voted overwhelmingly to pass a Continuing Resolution that failed to cut one cent from Obamacare. Continue reading

A great letter to our local rep., Please read…..

Fountain SquareOne of our members has drafted a truly great letter to our local rep. Please read it and if so moved, copy and tweak it for your use. We truly have a modern day Thomas Paine in our midst. Continue reading