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Rules for Conservative “Radicals”

RulesBy George Brunemann

In the age of Progressive domination of the media, conservatives are left with only two real alternatives for reaching out to the uninformed public. The first is exactly where you are now, the Internet. The second is through group activities in public. Both of these approaches are also used by the Progressives, but there is an unspoken code of ethics that we must follow: Continue reading

Beware of phony conservative groups claiming to support Medicaid expansion.

TrickHere is the supposedly “conservative” organization that called an Anderson Tea party member today, telling her to support the expansion of Medicaid because it provided funding for counseling young women to talk them out of abortions. Continue reading

How’s that gas price treating you….

Gas diesel food sign.Wow. Here we are beginning of March and gas is hitting 3.89 a gallon. I had predicted back in November after the election that gas would start going back up again, but it actually went down to close to $3.00 a gallon in January. I don’t know who we invaded or what hurricane is to blame, but come on. At this rate, we will be paying close to $5.00 a gallon on July 4th. Continue reading