Destruction of Our Freedom–We Can and Must Stop It Now!

About five hundred people holding candles surrounded an entire block of downtown Cincinnati on Saturday evening, March 20.  They lined the sidewalks along Fifth, Vine, Fourth, and Race Streets to completely surround the Carew Tower office of Congressman Steve Driehaus.

The people, mostly associated with the Cincinnati Tea Party and the 9/12 Project, were there to protest the federal takeover of our health care system, and to petition for an Ohio constitutional amendment that would block the takeover in our state.  A few hours later, our congressman found an excuse to vote against the people and against the freedom of all American citizens that the US Constitution was written to protect.

Freedom has been under attack in the United States for a long time, but large numbers of Americans have just recently begun to recognize the devastating consequences.  Even among this newly awakened group, though, many do not fully understand how close we are to the end of “government of the people, by the people, and for the people.”

Across the street on Fountain Square, a few dozen people demonstrated their support for putting even more power over their lives into the hands of “government of the people, by the whim of bureaucrats, and for the benefit of elected officials.”  Their answer to every real or imagined problem in life is the same: put more power into the hands of the federal government, and then beg elected officials and bureaucrats for favors.

The crisis we now face is not just about the federal takeover of our health care system and control over our personal medical decisions.  It’s not just about using the power of the federal government to confiscate even more of our personal property through taxes.  It’s not just about the destruction of free enterprise.  It’s about the destruction of our freedom.

The crisis we face is whether our country will continue to be the “land of the free.”  Will we become the next Venezuela, where freedom is gasping for its last dying breath, or will we become Cuba, where freedom hasn’t existed for more than fifty years?  We’re closer to both than most Americans realize.

But still, we have the power to halt our country’s demise.  This year, we can replace many senators and all of the representatives in Congress who stand against our freedom.  In two more years, we can replace many more senators and elect a new president.  The current regime will do much more damage by then, but we can replace them.

If we don’t act quickly to restore our freedom, we may lose our ability to do so.  If you don’t believe that, just watch the destruction of freedom that’s taking place in Venezuela. Then turn to Cuba to see how we could be living after our freedom is gone.  We must act now.  We have everything to lose and much to gain for ourselves and our children.