Light At The End Of The Tunnel

Just as America’s leftist leaders believe no good crisis should go to waste, conservatives should not let a gold-plated opportunity slip away. Massachusetts, the home of legendary big government politicians, has a legitimate fiscal conservative contesting the recently vacated seat of  Senator Edward Kennedy. This Senate seat represents the chance to throw a Paul Bunyan-sized wrench in the gears of Congress’ leftist agenda. Scott Brown is a conservative Republican running in a special election to be held on January 19, 2010. There is little doubt that as Mr. Brown closes the gap, the DNC, The President, and the fawning media will bring their considerable resources to bear on  this election.  Nonetheless, it is heartwarming to see that even Liberal bastions are starting to realize Congressional spending and debt are unsustainable.

“We the people” of modest means throughout America can assist candidates like Scott Brown and hopefully other candidates in the future. One weapon available is strategic targeted donations. Few people have the resources of George Soros, but hundreds of thousands of taxpayers working in concert can turn the tide in some key races.

Our support of local candidates running in the precincts and for elected offices remain crucial, but throughout the year, a meager stack of cash directed to no more than a couple dozen select contests across the nation can have real impact.  As the campaigns heat up, certain close races will come to light which would benefit from a funding surge. In the U.S. House, a swing of 41 seats will change the leadership and stop the socialist juggernaut. In the Senate, Dodd and Dorgen have already read the tea leaves and decided to retire rather than face the pitchforks in November. Open Senate seats present a golden opportunity for fiscal conservatives who are not facing an entrenched, well-funded incumbent.

National conservative organizations and media hosts will probably galvanize to research and direct these financial efforts in a focused manner. Until then, please consider helping a conservative named Scott Brown and the good people of Massachusetts throw off the shackles.