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FrackingFrackNation was inspired by a confrontation between Josh Fox, the director of the 2010 documentary Gasland, and documentary filmmaker Phelim McAleer. While Fox was promoting his film project McAleer confronted him about the historical records of people being able to ignite natural gas in water at “burning springs” long before fracking started. McAleer told the Los Angeles Times that Fox did not include that information in his film because he did not think it was relevant towards the current drilling impacts of certain areas since the people interviewed in the film claimed that the contamination was caused by the drilling.

Join us Friday, March 8th, at 6:30p.m. to watch this amazing film.
Fracknation the Movie
Movie starts at 7:00pm
Where: Union Township Civic Center
(behind Jungle Jims)
4350 Aicholtz Rd. ZIP
Cincinnati, OH 45245

A limited number of copies of the film will be on sale to share with your family and friends for $20.  Please join us and bring a friend!

Here is a trailer for the film:

After a video of the confrontation was made public on various websites, Fox and his lawyers got the video removed from YouTube and Vimeo. However, FrackNation’s filmmakers managed to fight the removal and restore access to the video despite infringing on HBO’s copyrights.

McAleer told Politico he was motivated to make the film by what he saw as the “one-sided approach taken by the media, ‘outsiders’ and ‘urban elites’” on the fracking process. McAleer said there has been no real debate on the issue, with the environmental lobby relying on emotion and scare tactics to condemn fracking.

In an interview with the Pittsburgh Post Gazette McAleer stressed the film is trying to show both sides of the fracking discussion. “We’re definitely covering the contamination” in the film, McAleer said. “We feature both sides.”


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