Precinct Organizing

Precinct Organizing

Precinct Organizing is begun by connecting with like-minded neighbors in your precinct.  A precinct is group of voters in your neighborhood that are grouped together for voting location purposes.  The people in your precinct are the people in your neighborhood and neighborhoods near you.  In precinct organizing, the challenge is not to convince anyone to change their mind, but rather to get folks who have common concerns connected.

  • First find your precinct or ward number

-Butler County

-Clermont County

-Hamilton County

-Warren County


  • Second, connect with your counties Board of Elections to find the list of voters in your precinct

-Butler County Board of Elections – You have to call, no lists   online (513) 887-3700

-Clermont County Board of Elections – All walking lists are online

-Hamilton County Board of Elections –  All walking lists are online

-Warren County Board of Elections –  All walking lists are online

  • Next, identify 5-10 like-minded people you already know.
  • Meet and have them look over the walk list too.
  • Together, form a precinct team.
  • Have individual folks become “street captains” by adopting streets in your precinct.
  • Start a neighborhood blog and Facebook Page to keep folks connected and informed.
  • Start spreading the word about fiscal responsibility, limited government, and free markets.

Forming such a group is the basis for an effective “ground game.”  Such a coalition can make a big difference in restoring our country.

Turning our country around takes the ability to:

(1). Get folks elected.
(2). Influence currently elected officials.
(3). Influence ballot issues (i.e. levies, ballot initiatives, etc.).

All of these items can be driven by local citizens stepping up and organizing on a precinct level.

Get involved.  Do your part.  Seek to build a coalition that outlasts any individual election cycle.  Help people in your precinct learn more about their Liberty.  Help give your neighbors  a better means to hold government accountable.  Start organizing your precinct today!

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