Sign Letter to Speaker Boehner on Immigration

Ohio Liberty Leaders Expect Speaker Boehner to Stand Strong on Immigration Reform

Letter Signed by over 120 Liberty Group Leaders

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Click here to read the letter that was written to the Speaker of the House, John Boehner, from over 120 Liberty Group leaders from across Ohio.  In the letter, it is stated that the Liberty Leaders expected the Speaker to reject the U. S. Senate immigration legislation which does not provide a solution to the illegal entry problem and to pass legislation that stops illegal immigration before addressing other related issues.

Letter writer and Cincinnati Tea Party President Ann Becker stated, “Speaker Boehner is my Congressmen.  I expect him to stand strong against the Senate Immigration Bill.  This bill does not solve the problems we have regarding immigration in this country.  I expect a lasting solution so my children will not have to take on this issue in another 20 years.  This is a line in the sand for me.  I expect the Speaker to hold strong and not bring the Senate bill to the floor.”

Click Here to Sign the Letter along with over 100 Liberty Leaders across the state.

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