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Ohio Senate Not Planning to put Medicaid Expansion Back in the Budget

From Ohio Liberty Coalition

In a press conference earlier today, Senate President Faber announced that Medicaid expansion as proposed by Governor Kasich would not be included in the Senate version of the biennial budget.

While we are encouraged by this development, Senator Faber did leave open the possibility for expansion to occur by other means, either through a stand alone bill being pursued in the Ohio House of Representatives or through a Medicaid reform work group led by Senator Burke and operating in conjunction with the Ohio House and the Governor.  Senator Faber characterized the work group’s mission as developing “a reform that allows us to provide more services to more individuals for less money.”

The Ohio Liberty Coalition will remain engaged in this battle to ensure that any Medicaid reforms or expansion proposals are based on free market principles and do not rely on the capricious promise of more federal dollars.

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Medicaid fight still on, Reps “not getting enough calls”

Ohio StatehouseStatehouse politicians may get another chance next week to advance Obamacare in Ohio. One possibility is Democrats proposing an amendment to the budget that includes Medicaid expansion. If this happens, only 11 Republicans would be needed to reintroduce the measure. Continue reading

Cincinnati.com: Tea Party to Protest Kasich Speech

Fountain SquareCincinnati. com reports :  “Tea Party to protest Gov. John Kasich’s speech.”

From Media Release:

Cincinnati Tea Party to Protest John Kasich and SW Ohio Legislators,  Cincinnati, OH – March 11, 2013 Continue reading

Beware of phony conservative groups claiming to support Medicaid expansion.

TrickHere is the supposedly “conservative” organization that called an Anderson Tea party member today, telling her to support the expansion of Medicaid because it provided funding for counseling young women to talk them out of abortions. Continue reading