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Opt Out of Common Core Tests Action Needed

TestingI wanted to pass along an update from Ohioans Against Common Core.  There is a new bill that was filed in the Ohio House that will protect our kids from any repercussions from opting our kids out of the PARCC (Common Core) tests.  Calls are needed to your State Rep to get support for this bill.  It is very important that you call.  Click here to use the Member Search to find the number for your State Rep.

The tests start next week.  Now is the time to get this done!

If you have kids in school, please consider opting your kids out of the PARCC test.  This small act of civil disobedience sends a very clear message to those in charge of education that you don’t want Common Core and the over testing of kids in your schools.

I opted my kids out of the PARCC tests this week.  It was a very simple process.  I used the well prepared letter from OptOut Ohio.  Took it to my kids’ schools and gave it to the principal.  It wasn’t a tough process.

Here is more information from Ohioans against Common Core about the new Safe Harbor bill.

Wednesday, January 29th, HB 7 was filed as an emergency measure by Representative Jim Buchy.

If passed, H.B. 7 will provide the same protections from PARCC testing that the Ohiolegislature voted to provide to districts, schools and teachers.

H.B. 7 
1) Prohibits 2014-2015 PARCC scores from being utilized for promotion or retention now, or at any point in a child’s education career.

2) Provides option to take the End-of-Course exams (currently PARCC & AIR) at any time within the student’s high school career, or opting to never take EOC exams, instead choosing one of the other options to earn their high school diploma; e.g., a remediation free ACT/SAT score, passage of an approved job skills assessment, or earning an Honors diploma.

It is extremely important that parents act now to OPT OUT their children from any and all PARCC and AIR assessments. Don’t wait to protect your child.

Keep in mind, when the legislature deliberated this last year, they voted to protect the adults. Their vote serves as an admission that the major problems with CommonCore and the testing were expected.

What legislator can justify not extending the same protections to our children? 

Make sure your House Rep knows you expect his co-sponsorship and support for HB7. Find your Rep’s number here and call today. If he/she has already signed on, take the time to say thank you and then call HB7 Sponsor, Rep. Buchy to extend a thank you, as well.

Direct family and friends to www.OptOutOhio.com

Ohio Citizens PAC Endorsements

Ohio Citizens PAC gave its endorsement to candidates for the November election. Cincinnati Tea Party fully supports the efforts of Tom Z and the Ohio Citizens PAC.  The endorsements are posted on their website at http://ohiocitizenspac.forohio.com/.   The site has a PDF printable version.



“We Now Have A Smart Exit Strategy from Common Core”

From our friends at Ohioans Against Common Core

Pioneer Institute, an independent think tank from Boston, has lead the charge on research related to Common Core and its progeny. Their research is impeccable, resulting in numerous articles and white papers that serve as highly respected reference sources for state level repeal efforts and legislation.

This past week, Pioneer’s Executive Director, Jim Stergios, released an article “We Now Have a Smart Exit Strategy from Common Core“. The smart exit strategy? Ohio’s HB597. To receive such an endorsement from an organization of this caliber should energize every Ohioan in this fight. We have the plan, now let’s get all boots on the ground and see it through.





Common Core Hearings Monday

Make plans to join us in Columbus!!!!

HB 237 – the original bill to repeal Common Core – has been inexplicably stalled in the Education Committee for months on end, therefore, Rep. Andy Thompson will be giving his sponsor testimony regarding HB 597 – the new bill to repeal Common Core – this Monday, the 18th.

This is what we’ve been waiting for, and now we need your help.

Join us in Columbus MONDAY, AUGUST 18TH – 2:00 pm – 5:00 pm* – Ohio Statehouse, Rm 313

Hearing will begin with Rep. Thompson’s Sponsor Testimony which will be followed by supporting testimony of Ohio parents, teachers and local school board members. *Hearing will extend if necessary to accommodate work schedules of those who want to offer oral testimony. I will be testifying on Monday afternoon, and would greatly appreciate your support.

TUESDAY, AUGUST 19TH – 5:00 pm – 7:00 pm* – Ohio Statehouse, Rm 313 This hearing is reserved for our out of town guests’ supporting testimony – Dr. Sandra Stotsky, Jane Robbins, Joy Pullmann, Dr. James Milgram, Emmett McGroarty, Ze’ev Wurman, Bill Evers and Jim Stergios are confirmed. *Hearing will be extended if needed.

If you have not had the opportunity to hear these individuals speak, I would strongly urge you to make the trip back to Columbus on Tuesday. Click Here for Hearing Updates at Ohioans Against Common Core Click Here to Order T-Shirts, Wrist Bands and Bumper Stickers Let’s Paint the Statehouse Red!

Ohioans Against Common Core has to pay the travel to have experts come and testify for the hearings. If you would like to support Heidi, please buy one of the Ohioans Against Common Core shirts. The money will support the transportation of the experts for the hearings. Click here to buy. Please wear your shirt in Columbus on Monday, August 18th.

Union Terminal and Music Hall Sales Tax Increase Public Hearning

Union Terminal SupportersWednesday, July 23rd beginning at 6:30pm

Sharonville Convention Center, 11355 Chester Rd, Cincinnati, OH 45246

At a public hearing on Wednesday you will have a chance to give your two cents on the proposed Hamilton County sales tax increase. Citizens will be allowed two minutes to speak on the issue. It will be packed so come early.

As you may have heard, Hamilton County Commissioners are going to vote on whether to raise sales taxes to support a repair and renovation of Union Terminal and Music Hall.

This sales tax increase is a concern on many levels.  Firstly, the proposal overwhelmingly counts on a sales tax increase.  There is a small contribution from the City of Cincinnati and donors, but most of the money comes from the tax increase.

The second problem, these buildings are owned by the City of Cincinnati. They are only pitching in 10 million of the proposed 380 million dollar project.  The owners of the building need to step up and take care of the property they own.

A great interview with Hamilton County Commissioner Greg Hartmann addresses this issue.

Action:  If you can’t make the hearing, please contact the Hamilton County Commissioners to tell them your opinion about this sales tax increase.  The pro side of this issue has sent more than 2,000 emails in support of this tax increase.  We need to make sure our opinions are part of the conversation. greg.hartmann@hamilton-co.org;chris.monzel@hamilton-co.orgtodd.portune@hamilton-co.org

Opinion:  To help us do our job of providing you information, can you take this super quick survey to help give us information about how you feel about this tax: Take our quick survey about Music Hall-Union Terminal Tax Here

For more information on this issue, including the history of renovation costs for Union Terminal and Music Hall please visit http://www.empoweruohio.org/factsheet.pdf.