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Talking Central Committee with Glenn Beck

Glenn_Beck_Radio_Show_-_PodcastYesterday was a day for radio. It started off with a group of us getting up early and spending an hour on 550KRC’s morning show with Brian Thomas. We had a terrific time talking about local victories in our battle for the citizens to take back the parties through the central committee process. After such […]

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Talking Central Committee with 55KRC’s Brian Thomas

microphoneWednesday, a few of us appeared on the 550KRC morning show with Brian Thomas to talk about our recent successes with citizens taking back the political parties through central committee. On hand were Ohio Precinct Project co-founder, Rick Herron; newly elected “tea party” Warren County Republican Party Chairman, Ray Warrick; and Libertas Project Board Member, John Stevenot. […]

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2014 Tax Day Rally

Liberty BellJoin us for our 2014 Cincinnati Tea Party Tax Day Rally…

Tuesday, April 15th, 7p.m.-9p.m.
Cincinnati Tea Party 2014 Tax Day Rally!
Where: Holiday Inn Eastgate
4501 Eastgate Blvd, Cincinnati, OH 45245
Tickets: $10
Register online at this link.
Vendor Tables $100 each (Contact here)

Speakers so far:

Mike Wilson, Founder Cincinnati Tea Party

Chris Littleton, Co-Founder Cincinnati Tea Party & Co-FounderOhio Liberty Coalition


Ted Stevenot, Co-Founder Clermont Tea Party & Clermont Liberty PAC


Emcee, Doc Thompson of the Blaze Radio


More updates on the way. We look forward to seeing you on April 15th!

Stevenot Decides Not to Run for Governor

Stevenot Mack LogoFor Immediate Release: Saturday, January 4, 2014 CINCINNATI, OH – Ted Stevenot released the following statement today regarding his possible run for Ohio Governor in the 2014 Republican primary. Stevenot said, “On January 1st, I released an announcement about a press conference originally scheduled to occur 1:00 PM, January 7th in Columbus to announce my candidacy for Ohio Governor in the upcoming Republican primary. Though my running mate, Brenda Mack, and I have received a […]

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Taxpayer Advocate Service Knew of IRS Targeting of OLC

IRS Unbalanced

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Saturday, June 15, 2013
Contact: Tom Zawistowski, 330-592-1848
MEDIA NOTE: Documents attached as PDF’s


Akron, OH - Tom Zawistowski, past president of the Ohio Liberty Coalition (OLC) and Executive Director of the Portage County TEA Party, today released documents showing that the National Taxpayer Advocate Service had direct knowledge of the “Targeting” of the Ohio Liberty Coalition by the IRS as early as February 21, 2012 and failed to bring an end to the “Targeting”.  Zawistowski [released] a document that was faxed from then Congressman Steve LaTourette’s office to the Cleveland Taxpayer Advocate Service office on February 21, 2012, just five days after the OLC had notified the IRS that it would not answer what it found to be politically motivated questions.  Congressman LaTourette’s office apparently never received any report back from the Taxpayer Advocate Service until last week, 16 months after the original documents were delivered.  This despite the fact that the National Taxpayer Advocate is supposed to serve as an advocate for taxpayers to the IRS and Congress to “help US taxpayers resolve problems and work with the IRS to correct systemic and procedural problems.”

Zawistowski said “I was unaware that there even was a National Taxpayer Advocate Service until Congressman Dave Joyce’s office contacted me last week saying that the NTA was asking the OLC to fill out a form giving them permission to share the OLC’s information with Congress, which current OLC President Ted Stevenot did this week. I find it absolutely astonishing that so many people in the Administration, both inside and outside of the IRS, had first hand knowledge of this outrageous activity and did nothing to stop it. I look forward to Nina Olson, the National Taxpayer Advocate, testifying in front of Congress and explaining, how, when it is the explicit purpose of the NTA to “inform Congress of the top 20 problems taxpayers face in their dealings with the IRS and make recommendations to protect taxpayer rights and mitigate tax payer problems”, the NTA did not stop the “targeting” of TEA Party and other Conservative Groups when that is their job.”

Zawistowski concluded by saying “This Keystone Cops routine of high ranking people in this Administration being over-paid and not doing their jobs is exactly why nobody trusts this Administration.  The President claims he is “outraged” by what happened in the IRS but he has done nothing to hold accountable those who were involved and we demand to know why.  This latest disclosure, combined with the embarrassing testimony by FBI Director Robert Muller, who claims to not even know who in the FBI is conducting the investigation six weeks after it started, shows that there is NO interest by this President in holding anyone accountable. Which leads me to conclude that he condones what was done to the TEA Party and Conservative groups, and may have been fully aware of the plan to ”target” these groups from the very beginning. Actions speak louder than words and the President has done nothing to defend the rights of citizens, just like the rest of the Keystone Cops.”



Bio of Nina Olson, the National Taxpayer Advocate

Cover page of letter from office of former Congressman Steven LaTourette to the Taxpayer Advocate Service

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