Take Action

Take Action

You can make a difference in the direction of our country. You must get involved. Here are three ways you can make a difference today.
Central Commitee

Running for Central Committee is the most important action you can take in the fight to take back our country. Even if your seat isn't open for awhile, you can work to organize your precinct and get yourself know as the political expert in your neighborhood. Click to learn more.

Talk to Elected Officials

Get to know your elected officials. They listen when you talk. Five calls or emails from constituents is all it takes to change a mind. Click this link to find a page for all State Reps, State Senators and State Board of Education members in Southwest Ohio.

Spread the Word

We are the majority. People believe in the Constitution and the free market. We need to do a better job of spreading our message. Learn more about how to use social media and write letters to the editor here.

What is Central Committee?