The Struggle for Political Development and Good Governance

If the principles of good governance are the core of our political systems, day to day running of government business would be a smooth process. Every citizen, irrespective of political affiliation, religious ideology, gender affiliation, or even the color of their skin, would have their interest protected by the government in power.

While our political landscape has seen tremendous improvement, more still needs to be done. It’s vital to focus our political development on the citizens, to ensure all citizens are treated equally and protected by the constitution. Here, we discuss some factors that can help make our politics and governance better.

1.  Fight Against Racism

The United States has made outstanding advancements in the last decade on getting rid of racism and structural prejudice. However, we are still far from perfection, and a lot of work is required to fight all forms of racism and racial bigotry, from the unjust criminal system to the system of the education sector and even beyond.

The citizens have suffered differing treatment because of their race in several settings.

It has eaten too deep into our society such that it is made manifest in employment, housing, public accommodations, and voting.

Although there already laws enacted in this regard, but it is not enough. Recent happenings have shown the need for improved tenacity in the regulations as well as reforms in that regard.

2.  Reduce Taxation for Low-Income Earners

Poor people get to deal with a much higher effective tax rate than top earners, even in low or no-income-tax states. It’s because they still have to pay fees and other taxes.

One can observe that the lower one’s income,  the higher the valid general state and local tax rate. Also, states that have low-income taxes usually have underlying systems, which ultimately transfers the fiscal burden to low-income residents.

These states with either low or no income tax end up taxing consumer goods, property,  and particular services and items to meet their budget. Residents who chose to live in such a state pays more than if they reside in a region with higher income taxes.

States do things differently where some practice progressive income taxes. Some give flat rates for everyone irrespective of income, and some don’t have an income tax. However,  all states must get their money from somewhere and therefore forces other fees such as general sales tax, gas and other energy taxes, and payments on everything from cars to homes.

It is, therefore, necessary to reduce irregularities and high inequality surrounding payment of tax for more impoverished people. It’s better if states instruct high-income individuals and corporations to pay a handsome share of their income to support services.

3.  Protecting Every Group Against Discrimination

The government must indeed enshrine the principles of good governance in the constitution, one that protects every individual against any form of discrimination. Irrespective of a person’s identity, their fundamental human right must be protected by the laws of the land.

The Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, and Queer (LGBTQ) group, for instance, still suffer some level of discrimination in the society and workplace. The LGBTQ group is just one, in addition to the Muslim community, who suffer various degrees of discrimination in society.

There must be some punishment for anyone involved in this act. Workplaces involved in this act must serve some penalty as a means to deter others. It’ll be more comfortable if the constitution spells out the kind of punishment every individual, group, or institution caught involved in this acts of discrimination must face.

4.  Foreign Policies

The level of foreign policy assistance provided for countries of the world must be regulated. While it’s appropriate to help weaker nations fight and protect the lives of law-abiding citizens of their nations against insurgency. Our government must be cautious with sending off our military to just any country.

In making trade and business deals with foreign nations, it’s also essential to put our nation’s interest first. How would this new treaty be of benefit to the average American? While it’s very appropriate to partner with and help provide portable and safe drinking water for an African nation, for instance, the American populace must know everything about what they stand to benefit from such relationships that make drinking water accessible and of better quality.

It could be tourism benefits for Americans, or better deals for our businesses intending to go abroad. Whatever it is, the average American should be able to benefit immensely.

5.  Put the Police in Appropriate Check

While police officers at various levels work very hard to ensure the safety of citizens, evidence still surface here and there about police brutality. This evidence caught on camera is probably a small percentage of more extensive police crimes against citizens.

Officers involved might be a smaller percentage of the police force, but this lower percentage is significant. How the government handles them might determine how the more substantial portion would react in the future.

The constitution must provide strong terms to deal with defaulters to deter others.

Take Away

Our governments must continue to work very hard to ensure citizens enjoy the benefits of good governance. A lot of progress is evident, but more still needs to be done.