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The Freedom to Choose

Our right to be free from coercion and free to choose as long as we’re not harming anyone – your right to decide what you think is best for you and your family instead of having the big, all-knowing government decide for you.

Which Trades Enjoy Significant Tax Benefits?

Governments collect funds and implement development programs in various countries through taxes. Every country has policies on how it taxes its citizens.

The annual Revenue Statistics indicate that the ratio of tax to GDP of almost all countries has been increasing. This follows a decline that occurred in the years 2008 and 2009.

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Destruction of Our Freedom–We Can and Must Stop It Now!

The people, mostly associated with the Cincinnati Tea Party and the 9/12 Project, were there to protest the federal takeover of our health care system, and to petition for an Ohio constitutional amendment that would block the takeover in our state. 

Clarify the Concept of “Rights”


Whatever that means precisely, they must be referring to a right that exists independently of laws passed by Congress. After all, a law can always be changed, so any “rights” it creates are really privileges granted by the government.

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Galloping to Socialism


Anyone who has attended or viewed a Tea Party rally over the past year witnessed numerous signs equating current government policy objectives with a move toward “socialism.” There has always been an assumption that only a fringe percentage of Americans would embrace socialism voluntarily, but a Gallup Poll released on February 4 offers a surprising result.

How We Can Take Responsibility to Protect Our Freedom


Freedom for all is the very foundation on which our founding fathers established our nation. Recently, the core of American independence, the rights of the people, seem to be sidelined and forgotten. But the very laws establishing our country outrightly say citizens’ rights is irreplaceable.

Safety Tips for Freedom Fighters


The fight for freedom dates back from time immemorial. The so-called developed economies fought with colonialists, dictatorial leaders, and politicians to enjoy the freedom they have today.

My Cup of TEA

Tea Party

The system perpetuates decisions and alliances based on the preservation of their electoral apparatus. Intent and rhetoric are valued far beyond method or outcome, and character and principle are easily abandoned in favor of expediency. All this is possible only when our producing class has disengaged from the political process altogether.

Light At The End Of The Tunnel


Our support of local candidates running in the precincts and for elected offices remain crucial, but throughout the year, a meager stack of cash directed to no more than a couple of dozen select contests across the nation can have a real impact. As the campaigns heat up, certain close races will come to light which would benefit from a funding surge.

The Cincinnati Tea Party Was Founded By A Group of Lifelong Cincinnatians in February 2009. In April 2009, Community Tea Parties Were Launched to Allow Local Leaders to Spread the Core Values at the Neighborhood Level.