A great letter to our local rep., Please read…..

Fountain SquareOne of our members has drafted a truly great letter to our local rep. Please read it and if so moved, copy and tweak it for your use. We truly have a modern day Thomas Paine in our midst.

Dear Brad,

As I began to react to my immense disappointment in the absence of your commitment to Rep. Bridenstine’s effort to defund Obamacare, it struck me how intrusive this legislation has been in my life and everyone copied above. For the last four years, life has revolved around this monster. I made four trips to DC and was in the Capital when it passed. Three weeks later, I found myself in UC’s Neuroscience ICU following my husband’s brain injury declining trauma research participation for fear the data could compromise his level of care. My fellow Ohioans spent thousands of hours and dollars to pass the Healthcare Freedom Amendment by 66%. The 2nd District liberty grassroots committed to your candidacy to replace Jean Schmidt due to her willfully serving as a puppet for the RINOs in leadership and failing to represent us on this issue. Now we must spend more hours of our family time beating back the tentacle of Medicaid expansion due to the unprincipled action of Governor Kasich and I’m spending inordinate amounts of time tending to the enormous regulations put upon small businesses along with the 40% premium increase. All the while, the power to stop this has existed in the House, the GOP Majority House, since January 2011. This could have ended long ago if John Boehner would have led the 2010 grassroots elected members in that direction instead of capitulating to Obama and playing politics. His continued denial of our existence speaks volumns of his lack of character.

Rep Bridenstine summed it up best when asked about the effort,”if you’re going to make an offer, you better be prepared to walk away from the table”. I couldn’t agree more. This nonsense about the destruction to the GOP if they are blamed for a government shutdown is a joke.  Newsflash, the bomb has detonated. If any republican wants to survive the fallout, they better be ready to take the bold, conservative stance to defund Obamacare. The excuse that it won’t pass the Senate is just that, an excuse. Do the work of the House of Appropriations, period. Essential services continue under a shutdown. Most of us remember the shutdowns under Reagan and Clinton, and more importantly we remember that our lives and families never felt threatened. How is it that now we feel threatened when the federal government is operating as usual? It would be funny if it weren’t so heartbreaking. I find myself making every financial, actually every decision considering the reach and hand of government. The reality is we are well down the road to serfdom. We don’t even think like free people anymore.

Please remember you are a Representative of the 2nd District and only the 2nd District. We will not accept rationalization for any funding for Obamacare appropriated in the next CR or any other master plan of the abysmal GOP leadership and their henchmen. We have explicitly expressed that defunding Obamacare is THE top priority. Obamacare is destroying businesses, families and lives. My support will be dependent upon this most basic of requests. The man in cardiac arrest doesn’t need the world’s best heart surgeon, he needs CPR to prevent dying on the table. Please recognize the urgency we find ourselves in and leave the so called chess players to join those who stand as defenders of the Constitution. I implore you to reconsider your position on this. Nothing else of the 113th Congress will matter if Obamacare is fully funded. Geitner has already started the conversation by stating that it’s ridiculous we have a debt ceiling. They know once it’s appropriated for, that by default the ceiling will be raised indefinitely. Maybe the current, never before done, suspension was a trial run to ease us into this mentality. It’s madness.

This is the last letter that I will send of this nature. I hope future communications will be to acknowledge appreciation for efforts and votes that empower Americans instead of government. I refuse to let those that I have supported and promoted place me in a position to beg for the very representation they promised. I’m tired of my life being dictated by the need to babysit politicians. If I’m looking at it from a cost benefit perspective, the grassroots would be better served to begin grooming a primary challenger after every election as leverage and insurance, instead of this perpetual frustration and disappointment. I want some measure of my life back.

Please know it is with much regret that I send this message to you, but I love my children and my country too much to leave it unsaid. I will be in prayer for our Republic, for those who defend her and for those statesmen who fight against the tyranny. That reminds me of something you said at the 2012 LR dinner. You asked us why our enemies would fight so hard to destroy our freedom; because it’s priceless. You offered the analogy of the military as our insurance policy and their funding as the premium. Congress has that same duty and it comes in the steadfast fight against the plunder, oppression and abuse of power that is destroying this nation.

“Stand fast therefore in the liberty wherewith Christ hath made us free, and be not entangled again with the yoke of bondage.”– Galatians 5:1

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