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So what is the Tea Party really all about?  First, the Cincinnati Tea Party is not – nor does it seek to become – a third political party.  We are a conglomerate of community Tea Party Groups through out the Greater Cincinnati Area.  Our group is focused on working within the current political party system to promote the following three core values:

(1.) Fiscal Responsibility.  This means we need to stop spending money we don’t have. Thomas Jefferson was very critical of the United States ever borrowing more money than it could pay back in a single generation. For decades, this value has been lost by both Democrats and Republicans. There is no reason why the political parties should not be able to agree on fiscal responsibility.

Ask yourself, how long will it take to pay back $16 trillion? Will it be our grandchildren or our great grandchildren who have to pay it back? It is shameful that we are essentially stealing from those future generations. The fact that current politicians do not see this as a significant problem is outrageous. While many give lip service to the undesirability of generational debt and bloated government spending, few display the political will to address these issues head on.

(2). Limited Government.  Limited government is a reference to government as the founders intended in the Declaration of Independence and in the Constitution – particularly with regard to the federal government.  This issue calls upon the nation to return to the roots of its founding. We talk about a “right” and a “left” in politics, but these terms have lost their meanings. On the left end of the political spectrum is total government or tyranny. On the right is no government or anarchy.

The founders intended to strike a balanced center between the two and “chain” the nation to it with the Constitution. Today many of those chains have been broken, and we have drifted more and more to the left side of the ledger.

It seems now there is a law, rule or regulation for just about everything. And, every time you turn around, another freedom falls to the “smarter,” good intentions of big government politicians. From how much salt you eat, to how you set your thermostat to whether or not you choose to buy health insurance – the government reaches further and further into our personal lives. Ultimately, this usurps individual freedom. It’s one thing to make a personal choice to do the right thing, it’s another thing to be bullied by the state into doing so. Such coercion is tyranny and the founders would have recognized this as such without hesitation.

(3). Free Markets.  Free markets means remembering that as we make laws and set policy in the future, we attend to the fact that government produces nothing. It is only through the private sector and free markets that prosperity can grow to the maximum extent.

Individuals need to have a direct connection between their efforts and the fruits of their labor. This is the magical spark that has led the United States from a loosely conglomerated political experiment into the most exceptional, strongest and most powerful nation on earth. Too many taxes and regulations ultimately serve to snuff out that spark.

One thing free markets does not mean is support for crony capitalism. Time after time we see legislation enacted that places stifling regulatory requirements on new or small businesses. Such legislation tends to protect the interests of larger entrenched business and tends to diminish the entry of new competitors into a given market.

Crony capitalism rears its head most visibly in legislative reaction to the latest “crisis” or under the banner of some irrefutable moral charge such as “clean energy,” “safer skies,” “safer food,” “better healthcare,” “financial reform,” etc. Debate is usually compressed and those with lobbying influence end up writing rules that generally favor either themselves, larger government – or both.

Making It All Work

To be successful in our efforts to bring our nation back in line with core principles of liberty, another important concern is Civic Responsibility.  As we seek to reestablish our government in a form more closely related to the model our founders intended, we cannot ignore their warnings that such a republican system requires an educated and engaged populace.

No one can expect freedom to remain without the citizens embracing their responsibility to be informed and to do their part in holding government accountable. To that end, “just voting” isn’t enough anymore. We must both educate ourselves and reach out to others. We must work to build a large, knowledgeable voting coalition that can support candidates who will support our core values.

Three Things You Can Do to Protect Your Liberty Today!

First, better educate yourself on the principles of liberty and good government as articulated by our nation’s founders.  Read the book, The 5000 Year Leap, by W. Cleon Skoussen. What is meant by the “leap” is that once humans were able to acquire freedom in an environment that protected and promoted private property rights – the world took a quantum leap forward in prosperity. From ox drawn wooden plows to modern farm combines. From “leeching” sick patients to robotic surgery. From explorers setting out in wooden sailing ships to putting a man on the moon. All of these advances and many more originated here and occurred within the relatively short period of time since our nation’s founding.

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Yours in Liberty,

Cincinnati Tea Party

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