Action items on the Sequester.

President_ObamaAs you may or may not know, today the Republicans in the Senate put forward a bill, a copy of which you will find below, that Amended the Sequestration Agreement to allow the President to be able to move money WITHIN Agencies. This would allow the President, through his Agency Heads, to make “intelligent cuts” as opposed to the “Across-the-Board Cuts” that the President and his lying subordinates have been screaming about for a month. Before the bill was up for a vote in the Senate, the President made it clear that he would veto the bill if it passed. Why? Because the President wants the Sequestration and wants the American people to suffer because of it, particularly in Republican House Districts. You see, the President is fighting the 2014 Election right now. By creating pain for citizens in Republican House Districts, he hopes to force vulnerable Republicans to retreat from Sequestration and agree to more tax cuts to stop the pain. This would give the left all the sound bites and headlines they would need to unseat these Republican House members in order to take over the House in 2014. This President intends to use the pain of the American people as a weapon to achieve his political goals. Obviously, we can not allow this to happen and the actions of the President and the Democratic Senate today provides the tools we can use to keep it from happening and even turning the tables on him. First, we all need to make an effort to call into talk radio stations and write Letters to the Editor starting Friday and continuing for the next two weeks at least. The message is simple. If anyone is getting hurt by these minor cuts in Federal spending, it is the fault of the President who was given the opportunity to make “intelligent cuts” but instead chose to make cuts that un-necessarily hurt people. Call the White House and tell the President that if he can not manage a 2% cut in spending then he needs to resign. Do NOT allow anyone to write into your paper or call a radio station and try to blame the Republicans without them being challenged. Second, please call all of our Congressmen and DEMAND that they start holding hearings NEXT week demanding to know why Eric Holder, Transportation Secretary LaHood, Education Secretary Arne Duncan and all the rest who were paraded out to knowingly lie to the American people about cuts in Sequestration and scare people about their safety. To help you easily find your representative, please use this link

This is outrageous behavior and can not be allowed to go unchallenged. If any CEO in the private sector knowingly lied about the finances of their company on Television, they would be fired. Why would a civil society allow supposed “leaders” in our government to knowingly lie without demanding their resignations? These scare tactics they have employed are tantamount to yelling “FIRE” in a theater! Our national defense will be compromised, benefits will be cut, police and fire and teachers will be laid off, air traffic safety will be reduced, on and on and on. DEMAND hearings and make them defend their statements. This is the best way to make sure that the American people support the cuts in sequestration and hopefully the reform of Social Security and Medicare which must follow. Third, there are 20 Democratic Senators who are up for re-election in 2014 or that have open seats. (See list below) Many of them are in Red States and many of them are in states that Romney won by 5% or more. We need to make sure that voters in those states understand that these “do nothing” Senators have not passed a budget in five years, and having been given the chance today to vote to allow the President to make “intelligent cuts” under Sequestration, they did nothing again. They have done nothing to defend their constituents and any pain that is inflicted on the American people is their fault. We need to make sure our fellow citizens know where the blame really lies and if we do, we have a real chance of taking the Senate in 2014. Our goal is to get these Red State Democratic Senators to turn away from the President and denounce the un-necessary cuts that hurt people. If we can hold the House and win the Senate in 2014 our chance in 2016 go up dramatically and this long national nightmare may finally come to an end! Thank you for passing this on. This is the best opportunity for the Conservative Movement since 2010 and we need to make the most of it. These Sequestration “decreases in increased spending” are not good enough. We must have entitlement reform to get our Federal Spending under control. Let us seize the day and do everything we can to stop this President’s socialist agenda right now!

DEMOCRATS Max Baucus (Montana) Mark Begich (Alaska) Chris Coons (Delaware) Richard Durbin (Illinois) Al Franken (Minnesota) Kay Hagan (North Carolina) Tom Harkin (Iowa)* Tim Johnson (South Dakota) John Kerry (Massachusetts) Mary Landrieu (Louisiana) Frank Lautenberg (New Jersey) Carl Levin (Michigan) Jeff Merkley (Oregon) Mark Pryor (Arkansas) Jack Reed (Rhode Island) John Rockefeller (West Virginia)* Jeanne Shaheen (New Hampshire) Mark Udall (Colorado) Tom Udall (New Mexico) Mark Warner (Virginia)

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