Action Needed: Hamilton County Sales Tax Increase

What is the best way to pay for repairs?
What is the best way to pay for repairs?

The Hamilton County Commissioners are considering increasing a sales tax increase to pay for a $331 Million renovation to Music Hall and Union Terminal.  This sales tax increase is being proposed for the November ballot.  Hamilton County Commissioners have 30 days to decide if they will put this tax increase before the voters.

Several groups in Southwest Ohio have created a Citizen Task Force to look at this potential tax to provide you information in the short term. In our initial review, we suggest that this tax increase not go on the ballot in its current form.  We believe that a sales tax increase in Hamilton County is not the best way to fund these projects and would hurt the fiscal situation of the county and the region.  This sales tax would affect everyone in Southwest Ohio, so we all must make our opinions heard.

There are three things you can do to get caught up on this issue; watch the video of the presentation yesterday to the Hamilton County Commissioners, take the survey telling us what you think the best plan is moving forward and tell the Commissioners what you think about the sales tax increase in an email.
Opinion:  To help us do our job of providing you information, can you take this super quick survey to help give us information about how you feel about this tax: Take our quick survey about Music Hall-Union Terminal Tax Here

Action:  Please contact the Hamilton County Commissioners to tell them your opinion about this sales tax increase.  The pro side of this issue has sent more than 2,000 emails in support of this tax increase.  We need to make sure our opinions are part of the conversation.;;

Get Informed:  Yesterday, a presentation was made to the Hamilton County Commissioners giving them reasons to reject the proposed sales tax increase.  The proposal gave several changes for a plan on how to pay for restorations for Union Terminal.  Changes to the plan included; adding a user fee to tickets sold at Union Terminal to pay for repairs, more money from the City of Cincinnati (owners of the building), take Music Hall out of the proposal (not urgent repairs, just renovation), look for grants elsewhere and several more suggestions. 

For more information on this issue, including the history of renovation costs for Union Terminal and Music Hall please visit

Thank you for your action on this issue.  We will keep you informed on developments as they happen.

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