All politics is local

The President of the United States does not affect your life as much as the Zoning Board or City Council of your town. Make sure you are watching them as closely as you are watching news about the primary. The local level is where you can make change. You can walk into your Trustee meeting and ask questions about an issue, you won’t have that kind of power on a national level.

The old adage ‘All politics is local’ is very true. It is the local level where we have the power and can make change.

If you are working on a campaign or thinking about running for office join us tonight.  Ted Stevenot and I are hosting the members of the Ohio Precinct Project in an online Google Hangout on Air.

From the comfort of your own home, you can learn step by step how to run a campaign and how to win. Ted and I have both run for Central Committee and we will share tips and the best way to use your time so you are a success.

Join us at 9:30 tonight by clicking this link that will take you to YouTube. If you don’t catch us tonight, the broadcast will be on YouTube at this link for your convenience.

Join us and ask questions about how to run for office. Normal folks getting involved in politics is how we are going to change Ohio and the country.

Ohio Rising Google Hangout on Air

When: Monday, August 17th at 9:30pm

Where: Online at

Join Ann Becker, Ted Stevenot and the members of the Ohio Precinct Project as they teach how to run a campaign for Central Committee. They will take you step by step on how to run a campaign.

Other Liberty Meetings happening this week

Warren County Liberty Alliance Meeting

When: Monday, August 17th at 7pm

Where: Mason Fire Station 51. 4420 North Mason Montgomery Road Mason, Ohio

Warren County Liberty Alliance will be election focused at their Monday night meeting. They will be reviewing the candidates  on the November ballot.  They will also look forward to the candidates that are on the March primary ballot, including a straw poll for the Presidential Candidates.

West Chester Tea Party

When: THURSDAY, August 20th;  6:30 for Food and Fellowship, 7:00 p.m. Meeting

Where: LIFE CHURCH: 8480 Cincinnati-Columbus Rd – Rt 42 , West Chester, OH 45069

The West Chester Tea Party will continue to focus on the three core principles of the tea party; fiscal responsibility, limited Constitutional government and the free market. We will look at these three principles in relation to the representation we have in government today.