April 19th is Patriots Day – Join us to Celebrate

The founding of our nation is a very romantic time to some.  The horse drawn carriages, powdered wigs, quills, the image presents a face of a much more simple time.  Even in simplicity, they worked hard to get food on the table.  It took them days to get from here to there. They worked with their neighbors to get jobs done, to keep the community safe and sound.  It took conversation, after conversation to spread a message and convince the neighbors of a point of view.

Our lives are much easier, but are they better.  We complain if our cell phone battery dies or if there is no Starbuck’s at the exit we get off on the highway. We don’t know our neighbors.  We have given up freedom for safety, privacy for ease.  We expect people to understand what we believe with a simple click or post.

Everything is at our fingertips, from food to all the information in the world and yet our world isn’t better.

April 18th is the anniversary of Paul Revere’s ride.  How much easier would it have been for Paul to text all the people on his path, or send them an email.  He didn’t have Facebook or Twitter to spread his message and yet he got the word out to his friends and family.  His message went out to all that would listen that danger is coming.

Now it is our turn to spread that message, our turn to sound the alarm and light the torches for freedom.  Our path is much easier, but no less important.  We must all be ready at a moment’s notice to get on our horse and scream from the rooftops that danger is near.

And with everything, it is easier to do with friends at your side.

This Friday is the Freedom Expo.  Patriots will be gathering from all over the region to stand together in the name of freedom.  To be reminded of how important the message and the messengers are to the world in which we share.

Join us.

Get your ticket today at www.cincinnatifreedomexpo.com.

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