Beware of phony conservative groups claiming to support Medicaid expansion.

TrickHere is the supposedly “conservative” organization that called an Anderson Tea party member today, telling her to support the expansion of Medicaid because it provided funding for counseling young women to talk them out of abortions.

The caller was calling from home and had target phone numbers of conservatives in specific OH Reps districts…ours is Stautberg.  Caller had the capability to transfer our member directly to our State Rep’s office to register an opinion.  Our member talked with Stautberg’s office and they had received @ 50 calls. Don’t fall for this bogus effort to represent our values…

Check this group out on facebook~the facebook link has an Ohio RTL support expansion link on it.

Conservatives Supporting Extension of Ohio’s Medicaid Program

It is the Obama Campaign machine in Agenda mode….still has his minions in the precincts peddling his communism packaged in lies

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