Breaking up isn’t hard to do

image descriptionThere’s talk in the air that the Tea Party movement is disillusioned and we are no longer willing to work with the Republican Party. By “Tea Party”, we mean the thousands of grass roots, liberty-oriented groups that are organized under a variety of names and support a return to our country’s founding principles, including constitutionally limited government, fiscal responsibility and free enterprise.

The claim that Tea Party activists are abandoning Republican candidates and elected officials has it backwards. The reality is that many Republicans who ran on Tea Party values have failed to follow through with their stated beliefs. Instead, they have continually accommodated efforts by the left to increase the size and scope of government and have often been more concerned with their political advancement than doing the right thing.
In other words, in many respects, the Republican Party has abandoned us.
The most recent example involves Congressmen Brad Wenstrup and Steve Chabot, who both voted in favor of the Cyber Information Sharing and Protection Act, which would give the federal government unprecedented access to internet communications, including private emails. It now appears the Senate will override their lack of judgment and stop this threat to our privacy, and even President Obama, no friend to liberty, has threatened to veto the bill.
This prompts us to ask: Gentlemen, what on earth were you thinking? Maybe you thought it was business as usual and you could slip this one past us. But as far as we are concerned, business as usual is over. We are keeping a tally and, frankly, we don’t like the score you are running up.
Congressmen, please remember the personal sacrifices Tea Party activists made to help get you elected. We did that because we believed you would defend freedom and protect our great nation. Perhaps you don’t believe our efforts made the difference in your election. But don’t fool yourselves – you were elected by “we the people,” not appointed by Speaker Boehner!! What if we decide to help someone else the next time? After all, Congressman Wenstrup was elected in the first place when the Tea Party movement opposed an entrenched Republican incumbent who lacked conviction and engaged in troublesome legislative antics.
To be fair, you are both good and decent men, and many of us count you as friends. But none of us came to the Tea Party movement to make friends. We are serious about stopping a runaway government that’s destroying the magic and promise of our nation.
Others share blame for the growing rift between our movement and the Republicans. Governor Kasich has played a big role with his destructive fiscal policies and strong-arm tactics. So has Senator Portman, who seems proud of his ability to make deals with the left even when they lead to further erosions of our freedom. Of course, there is Speaker Boehner, the grand master of arm twisting and compromise in furtherance of “grand bargains” that go nowhere and lead to capitulation. Achieving real results for the American people will require a different and more courageous course.
So where does this leave those of us dedicated to an unwavering commitment to fiscal responsibility, limited government, and free markets? We’re still here, waiting for you to take up the cause. We need to know whether you are really with us. If this is the beginning of a long goodbye, tell us now. We would rather know the truth than be deceived with false hopes and disappointed by unprincipled behavior.
Ray Warrick
Board Member, Cincinnati Tea Party

Ann Becker
President, Cincinnati Tea Party, West Chester Tea Party

Ted Stevenot
President, Ohio Liberty Coalition, Clermont County Tea Party

Chris Littleton

Jack Painter
Founder, Liberty Alliance Cincinnati

Burr Robinson
Board, Cincinnati Tea Party and Cincinnati East Tea Party

Andrew Pappas
Board, Cincinnati Tea Party and Anderson Tea Party

Brian Willis
Board, Cincinnati Tea Party

Shannon Harkemeyer
Board, Cincinnati Tea Party

Judy Guju
Board, Anderson Tea Party

Larry Heller
Miami Township Tea Party and Clermont County Tea Party

Joe Daly
Anderson Tea Party

Kelly Kohls
Chairwoman, Warren County Tea Party

Bob Turner
Clermont County Tea Party

Jim Lewis
Director, West Chester Tea Party

Jack Schrand
Southwest Tea Party

Mike Robbins
Anderson Tea Party

7 thoughts on “Breaking up isn’t hard to do

  1. My sentiments on this topic mirror yours.
    Thank you for this articulate warning to legislators that we’re in this for the long haul.

  2. Put my name on that list. I am done settling for the lesser of to evils. For a long time Republican has been Democrat lite. Where is the difference? As far as I am concerned Kasich is out. I will vote libertarian before voting RINO.

  3. What a wonderful summary of exactly how I feel. God Bless the Tea Party! Let’s keep the pressure on people!! WWFFS? What would founding fathers say??

  4. we must stand together and reach out to those who believe in our principles and the Constitution.

  5. Dear Ann Becker and other Tea Party leaders,

    While I admire the wholesome American spirit, and spirit of preserving Liberty in the USA, that exudes from Tea Party leaders, and Tea Party rank and file, — you will forever be hostage to the current leadership of the Republican Party unless you adopt the strategy and tactics as listed n seven major action-principles at

    All the Tea Party groups, essentially, supported Romney in the last election, didn’t you? Romney was a man, as McCain before him, who was openly and consistently opposed to most of the principles professed by the Tea Party groups.

    Now you are in the position of begging Congressmen Chabot and Wenstrup to vote against flat out tyrannical measures. (Both Steve Chabot and Brad Wenstrup are local boys tragically co-opted or bamboozled on many issues –by the evil financial juggernaut running New York City and DC).

    And you will always will be begging such Congressmen unless you advance to the strategical moves that will at least challenge the criminal syndicate running the Democratic and Republican Parties at the national level, which trickles on down. (This is not name calling. Both parties ran their national conventions like a Communist party function — none of the delegates were allowed to speak without pre-approval from the Chair, an exact inversion of what an honest convention would be.)

    Your precinct effort is only going to be effective if you are out to oust the entire Party leadership and replacing it with a team that understands the 7 principles on —

    All is lost — until the Tea Parties, and every other group, makes it a priority to demand a a computer-free, open hand count of the ballots on election day, instead of the “counts” conducted on the secret computer programs now used, administered by 30 or so agents of Goldman-Sachs and the FED in NYC, where not even our state and local election officials are allowed to see the program. Mayor Bloomberg of NYC announced recently on Meet the Press that “they” would start defeating Senators that were NRA supporters. (And “they” will. Bloomberg knows that his crowd controls the secret computer programs that “count” the votes in 99% of our counties in the USA.) This issue of transparent vote counts is apparently an issue that Tea Party groups are not allowed to mention or deal with.

    And Tea Party groups do not address the all important question of how money should be issued in our country. This is a question the Ruling Elite does not want Americans thinking about.

    And Tea Party groups are wrong on free markets — as long as private groups such as the FED and Goldman Sachs control the issue of money in our nation. The combination of a monopoly on issuing money in secret by these private banks on the one hand, and “free trade” on the other — has resulted in the de-industrialization of the USA, and the use of slave labor and near slave labor in China, Mexico, and elsewhere by the criminal USA Banksters in NYC and DC. Pat Buchanan’s book, “The Great Betrayal” explains this issue, complete with the documentation that 100% of the Founding Fathers were for tariffs. Buchanan concludes, “We want fair trade, but we cannot be trade wimps.”

    I make myself available to meet with you individually or as a group. Or just look at the website. I just hate to see honest Americans wasting their time and energy on strategies that are designed to keep them in a playpen where they play the role of “false opposition”, regardless of the best of intentions.

    My mailing address is: PO Box 11339, Cincinnati, Ohio 45211; phone 513-741-2095; email:


    Jim Condit Jr.

  6. Listen to the podcast on of the conversation that Mr. Wenstrup had with Brian Thomas. It will be on the May 3rd at 7:30 AM broadcast. The explanation of why he voted for CISPA may enlighten you.

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