While Rome Burns, Renacci and Wenstrup Take a Stand

Nero_thumb1Americans posted in Benghazi refuse to stand down and die fighting for freedom while their Commander in Chief leaves them out to dry.  Tea party patriots sacrifice time and money fighting an ever oppressive government only to be targeted by the IRS for holding what can only be defined as truly American beliefs.  Congress and their staffs, well they surreptitiously seek exemption from Obamacare, a law they wrote and passed, while their fellow Americans lose […]

Has your Congressman signed on to defund Obamacare?

Capitol Hill Building . Washington DC.Brewing in DC is a new battle posing a threat to shut down the government this fall – at the center of the storm is funding for Obamacare. In recent years, Congress has regularly had to pass continuing resolutions to keep the government funded, this year is no exception. In a story today from TheHill.com, Senate Republicans are said to be “coalescing around” a proposal to block any funding resolutions for the government that include […]