CATO Institute’s John Allison Discusses Liberty

imagesJohn Allison, President and CEO of the CATO Institute, spoke at the Federalist Society’s 14th Annual Barbara K. Olson Memorial Lecture. Mr. Allison discussed CATO’s mission, the fundamental role of government, and what he sees as the philosophical fight for western civilization currently underway between libertarians and statists.  Allison also spoke in depth on the progressive movement and its desire to attain what it believes to be the moral high ground. Allison pacts much in […]

Kasich Earns “D” on CATO’s Fiscal Policy Report Card

images-1The story goes when John Kasich served as U.S. House Budget Chairman back in the late 1990’s he kept the CATO Institute’s Handbook for Congress at his desk. Perhaps his thinking has changed since serving in Washington or perhaps the book was just there for show, but that same CATO Institute recently released its “Fiscal Policy Report Card on America’s Governors 2014″ and John Kasich earned a disappointing “D”. The study looks at the affects […]

Tom Zawistowski, head of Portage County Tea Party speaks with CATO Institute

OLC President, Tom ZawistowskiFrom the very beginning, the authentically contagious grassroots Tea Party movement was viewed by the elite establishment ruling class as suspicious. They called us “astroturf” and accused us of being the contrived tools of the Republican Party and special interests groups. But when more and more groups just kept popping up into existence with no […]