US House Republicans Will Make Democrats Take A Stand On Individual Mandate; Will It Be Too Little Too Late For The Private Health Care Market?

HealthcareThe NY Times reports that Republicans in Washington will not sit idly by as President Obama picks and chooses which elements of Obamacare he plans to enforce. Republicans plan to have a series of votes to first codify the postponement of the employer mandate and then to delay the individual mandate. Doing so is smart politics.  Make the Democrats have to defend these unpopular policies before the 2014 elections. The Obama administration’s picking and choosing […]

WSJ Highlights Obama’s Lawless Approach to Governance

LawIn their editorial, “Employer Mandate? Never Mind”, the WSJ highlights one of the main bugaboos Americans have with the Obama administration, their selective enforcement of of the Constitution as another of its problematic transgressions?  The delay of the employer mandate is the latest in a long list of ways the President and his ilk skirt rules, regulations, oaths of office and separation of powers. As the WSJ makes clear, “This selective enforcement of laws has […]

Delay of Employer Mandate is Good News for Obamacare Exchanges

As the country turned its attention towards the July 4th holiday, the Obama administration announced late Tuesday, July 2nd, that the enforcement of the employer mandate will be postponed until 2015.  The sound of the business community breathing a collective sigh of relief has been heard above the roar of the nationwide firework displays. Originally set to go in place January 1, 2014, the employer mandate requires all companies with 50 or more employees to offer government approved health care to their workers regardless of the ability to pay. The Obamacare mandates placed on employers and individuals are the primary means by which the health care law works to achieve universal coverage.  Without such requirements and the penalties attached to them, individuals and businesses in a free country may find a better use for their hard earned dollars. The employer mandate’s complex reporting requirements and the need to rework them were cited by the Obama administration as the cause for the delay.  And, after reading quotes from the Obama crew, one would think there wasn’t a more business friendly bunch to lead the country.  Bloomberg reports that Valerie Jarrett, senior advisor to President Obama, wrote in a blog post announcing the delay, “In our ongoing discussions with businesses we have heard that you need the time to get this right.  We are listening.” A more cynical, and perhaps realistic view, may lead one instead to conclude that the upcoming 2014 mid-term elections are the primary driver behind the latest in a long line of postponements connected to Obamacare’s implementation. Fox News quotes Republican Senator John Barrasso of Wyoming as saying, “It’s also a cynical political ploy to delay the coming train wreck associated with Obamacare […]