Biennial Budget Passes State Assembly Minus Medicaid Expansion

Pop Medicaid ExpansionThe biennial budget has passed the Ohio Assembly minus Medicaid expansion.  A hearty congratulations goes out to all Ohio citizens who engaged in the battle to stop the extension of Medicaid, one of Obamacare’s many destructive components.
While we would like to call it a day, the fight is not over.  Governor Kasich and some members of the Ohio Assembly are still set on expanding Medicaid despite the myriad of sound arguments against it. The Ohio Assembly will adjourn for their summer break and then return in August to start work on Medicaid “reform” which is the latest strategy of Statehouse politicians to get Obamacare’s Medicaid expansion passed in Ohio.
The Medicaid reform proposals that have been introduced to date are:
HB 176 – sponsored by Representative Sears
HB 208 – sponsored by Representatives Amstutz and Sykes
SB 145 – sponsored by Senators Burke and Carfaro
HB 208/ SB 145 are a result of a bi-partisan reform effort between the House and Senate.  The bills as submitted are awaiting further detail of the actual reforms that will be proposed to improve our broken Medicaid system.  The sponsors are waiting on data from an outside firm which is performing some financial analysis as to whether changes can be made to the Medicaid system that would bend the cost curve down enough to allow for the expansion of Medicaid.
As Ohioans follow the Medicaid reform effort in the State Assembly, the following points should be kept at the forefront.

The only projection reported in the press for the expansion population is 275,000-366,000. These figures come from the Kasich administration and as the OLC has shown through three other highly respected sources, these numbers are grossly and purposefully understated.  The actual expansion population is between 684,000-848,000. […]

Statehouse Republicans Base Medicaid Reform on Fraudulent Numbers

Pop Medicaid ExpansionOhio can’t have serious Medicaid reform without serious numbers. Governor Kasich’s participation projections for Medicaid expansion are grossly understated as compared to three highly respected sources. Statehouse Republicans have introduced Medicaid reform as a means to expand Medicaid, however, all “reform” proposals are fraudulently based on extending coverage to 275,000 low income Ohioans. This figure […]

Stop Warrantless Cell Phone Searches in Ohio

mobileJust when you thought Republican led state government could be relied upon to protect your rights, think again. A new bill being proposed before the Ohio House Transportation, Public Safety and Homeland Security Committee (SB 5) gives law enforcement access to cell phone location data without warrants in emergencies. However, the law does not provide […]

Kasich and Obama Join Hands To Bring A Two Tiered Health Care System to Ohio

Pop Medicaid ExpansionPresident Obama has not always been entirely truthful with the American people, but when he said he was going to fundamentally change America, he was dead serious.  Nowhere is that more true than with our health care.  As John Goodman writes in his Forbes article, our health care system is rapidly changing to a two-tiered, […]

Ohio Ranked 49th in Economic Performance

DefeatedClick the link below to view a recent report on Ohio from the 2013 ALEC-Laffer State Economic Competitiveness Index (See With 1=best and 50=worst, Ohio ranks: 49th in Economic Performance 26th in Economic Outlook Click here to view the report. We repeat our assertion that Ohio politicians would do better working on ways to […]