IRS Targeting of 1851 Center in May of 2010 Demonstrates Broader Corruption

1851 Center for Constitutional Law  FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE May 16, 2013 MEDIA CONTACT Maurice A . Thompson IRS harassment was not limited to “tea party” organizations, and began earlier than many believe Columbus, OH – The 1851 Center for Constitutional Law today emphasized that Internal Revenue Service harassment of groups advocating for limited government extends as far back as […]

MEDIA ALERT: Key TEA Party Contacts in IRS Targeting Investigation

IRS UnbalancedFOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE:  Wednesday, May 15, 2013 Contact: Tom Zawistowski, 330-592-1848, TomZ [at] WethePeopleConvention [dot] org The individuals below represent five components of this IRS “Targeting” story which Media members have been asking me about. Marion, represents one of the most outrageous requests by the IRS. Justin is an individual citizen who was targeted. Tim’s […]