IRS Targeting of Tea Parties Continues, Surprised?

IRS UnbalancedThe latest bombshell coming out of the tea party intimidation scandal is the news that the IRS is still to this day targeting tea party groups.  The Washington Examiner reports Ways & Means Committee Chairman Dave Camp released closed door testimony of an IRS agent which revealed tea party applications are still being directed to a “secondary screening”. The Washington Examiner report goes on to explain that in the absence of new procedures, IRS employees have […]

IRS Illegally Enforces Employer Mandate in Ohio

IRS UnbalancedThere seems to be a pattern developing with the IRS.  It’s abusing its power again.  After targeting tea party groups and stealing millions of medical records, the IRS is now illegally enforcing portions of the ACA in states which refused to set up a state run insurance exchange.  Michael Gerson in his Washington Post piece and […]

IRS Steals 60 Million Medical Records, What Other Personal Liberties Will Obamacare Destroy

ObamacareOne of the frequently touted reforms included in Obamacare was the call for electronic medical records.  We were told the efficiencies gained by having every single American’s most personal medical details online were certain to bring down the cost of health care as well as improve the quality of care.  Nevermind the exorbitant cost of […]

Even IRS Workers Say No To Obamacare

ObamacareNow that the writing is on the wall for Obamacare, Obama’s base continues to break ranks.  The latest in a growing line of defectors, as reported by Freedomworks, is the National Treasury Union, a 150,000 strong federal government union that includes the IRS.  This is the very same IRS which was caught intimidating tea party groups […]