ORP Retaliates Against State Reps Who Stand Up for Limited Government

images-1OLC members spent a significant amount of time in 2013 meeting with their Republican state reps and state senators about Medicaid expansion – discussing the many pitfalls in the policy and urging their representatives to oppose it.  Most OLC members came away from these meetings frustrated with their representatives’ unwillingness to take a public position on the issue.  We heard a lot of evasive responses – talk of a hybrid public/private plan, talk of Medicaid reform, […]

Conservative Ohio Assembly Candidates Need Your Support – Donate to Their Campaigns by Dec. 31 for Your 2013 Tax Credit

These Conservative Ohio Leaders Deserve Your SupportAs year end approaches, we urge liberty members to take advantage of an Ohio tax credit that allows you to make a contribution of up to $50 (or $100 per couple) to certain political candidates and claim it as a credit on your state income tax.  By doing so, you can provide valuable financial resources to Ohio Assembly members who have been steadfast in their support of conservative issues. These leaders have: Stood strong against […]

Becker, Adams Introduce Bill to End Special Elections

School Levy FearmongeringThere could be good news for Ohio taxpayers on the horizon if a bill introduced by Representatives John Becker and John Adams gets some traction and with 24 cosponsors it’s off to a good start.  HB 240 would end February and August special elections, the favored tool of school boards to get levies by distracted taxpayers ready for a break after the big polling seasons of November and May. That school districts are the primary […]