Irony Alert: Kasich Asks Ohioans to Take a Stand Against Obamacare

Obama KasichIf you are a Republican, you may have received an email from the Kasich/Taylor team bad mouthing Obamacare and distributing a petition for Ohioans to sign to stand up against the health care law.  It was an odd thing to receive from an administration hell bent on implementing Obamacare in Ohio through Medicaid expansion. The email also notified citizens that insurance premiums on the individual market are expected to rise 41% in Ohio due to […]

“Obamacare’s Branch of the NSA” reveals just how far the Feds will take centralized control

obamanetJohn Fund’s piece in the National Review, Obamacare’s Branch of the NSA reveals just how far the Feds will take this centralized control gig given enough leeway by our legislative branch. HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius is about to unleash a torrent of patient navigators across America to encourage gullible citizens to enroll in the Obamacare exchanges and access the easy federal dollars that come with it.  It is the same old, tired socialist trap, encourage unwitting […]

Sears throws Kasich’s Medicaid expansion a Lifeline

Ohio Representative Barbara Sears (District 47, Monclova Twp)  If ever a state deserves a chief executive who stands strong against Obamacare, it is Ohio.  The people of this state, in true American fashion, took matters into their own hands in March of 2010 and set out on a mission to pass a constitutional amendment that spoke loudly and clearly that Obamacare was […]

Feds Short Ohio High-Risk Pool $12 Million, But Still Promise $13 Billion For Medicaid Expansion

Medicaid-ExpansionThe story of Ohio’s high-risk insurance pool provides a teachable moment for proponents of Medicaid expansion. Like the rest of Obamacare, the pools have been plagued with problems from the start with costs far outpacing expectations and with states like Ohio battling the federal government over eligibility issues. Federal funding for the high-risk pools ran […]