Tom Zawistowski, head of Portage County Tea Party speaks with CATO Institute

OLC President, Tom ZawistowskiFrom the very beginning, the authentically contagious grassroots Tea Party movement was viewed by the elite establishment ruling class as suspicious. They called us “astroturf” and accused us of being the contrived tools of the Republican Party and special interests groups. But when more and more groups just kept popping up into existence with no […]

Miller Time

IRS UnbalancedSenator Rob Portman, Republican from Ohio, is very methodical as he paints Steven Miller, outgoing IRS commissioner, into a corner. It seems that Mr. Miller had prematurely “assured” the Senator that the scrutiny given to the various Tea Party groups by the IRS was not politically motivated. You see, Mr. Miller made this assurance before […]

Outgoing IRS commissioner grilled

Congressman_Mike_Kelly_(R-PA)Congressman Mike Kelly grills outgoing IRS commissioner During a House Ways and Means Committee hearing, Mike Kelly R-Penn 3rd District picks apart an expressionless Steven Miller, the outgoing IRS commissioner. Congressman Kelly raises his voice directly at Mr. Miller and states, “You should be outraged… but you’re not.” Representative Kelly’s verbal thrashing of Miller inspired […]

Enemy of the state?

IRS UnbalancedJustin Binik-Thomas is the new face of the enemy of the state? Hardly. Watch the latest video at <a href=””></a>Mr. Binik-Thomas spoke with Greta VanSusteren on May 15th, 2013. This unassuming Cincinnati Tea Party member represents himself and our movement well as he asks some very simple questions that our government refuses to answer. Why […]

The New Civil Rights Movement

OLC President Tom ZawistowskiTom Z is on message… we are the new civil rights movement. Tom Zawistowski, head of Portage County Tea Party speaks with Neil Cavuto on May 16, 2013. Tom artfully and confidently outlines the basis for the new civil rights movement… the rights of the individual, in this case, to associate and organize with like-minded […]