Common Core Repeal Update: Calls Needed

No_Common_CoreHeidi Huber of Ohioans Against Common Core has worked tirelessly fighting for Common Core repeal in Ohio. She was on Columbus radio, 610 WTVN, giving an update on the status of the repeal bill, HB 597. Listen to the podcast HERE. Huber covered the following points: 50 votes are needed to pass HB 597.  The sponsors are currently 10 votes shy. It is hoped that Democrats will come on board as this is not a […]

BIG NEWS-Ohio Forges A New Path Towards Repeal!

No_Common_CoreToday, Speaker Pro Tempore, Matt Huffman outlined a path to prioritize legislation he has jointly sponsored with Representative Andy Thompson that will advance and expedite Ohio’s Common Core repeal effort. Representative Huffman described a course of action in the next few weeks that will include: Introduction of new repeal legislation that builds upon Sub HB237 and incorporates solutions to […]

Common Core “Stop Jeb Now” Rally – Pictures

CarsIn Cincinnati on Monday, the RNC held a $32,400 per “co-chair” fundraiser with featured speaker, former Florida Governor, Jeb Bush. Rally attendees were on hand from Ohioans Against Common Core to point out to Mr. Bush – a major pro Common Core cheerleader – that both the Hamilton County GOP and the RNC have passed […]

Ohio Take Heed: Common Core Crisis Hits Boiling Point in New York

images-1The New American reports that things are heating up in New York state.  Parents, teachers and lawmakers are coming together in defense of the children to end what NY State Assemblyman Al Graf refers to as “state-sponsored child abuse.”  To what does Mr. Graf refer?  None other than the Common Core standards. While most Ohio schools are experiencing the first of the Common Core curriculum changes this year, New York students have already had a […]

Common Core Update “Education Chairman Stebelton Jumps the Shark”

Ohioans_Against_Common_CoreHere is the latest update from (OACC). Calls are needed this week to Education Chairman Stebelton’s office! Last week there was a sponsor hearing in Columbus on legislation to help stop Common Core in Ohio. Attendance was “out the door.” From the latest OACC post, “Stebelton Jumps the Shark and Leaves Town,” We would dare say that Wednesday’s sponsor hearing was one of the largest of record and no doubt the source for the […]