Common Core 101 – Breitbart Article Recaps Event

A group of Ohio grassroots activists who want the Common Core standards repealed in their state is taking the issue to their legislators and letting them know that if they want to be re-elected, they must commit to repealing the centralized education standards. A Columbus auditorium packed in 600 Ohioans on April 9 as parents, […]

ORP Retaliates Against State Reps Who Stand Up for Limited Government

images-1OLC members spent a significant amount of time in 2013 meeting with their Republican state reps and state senators about Medicaid expansion – discussing the many pitfalls in the policy and urging their representatives to oppose it.  Most OLC members came away from these meetings frustrated with their representatives’ unwillingness to take a public position on the issue.  We heard a lot of evasive responses – talk of a hybrid public/private plan, talk of Medicaid reform, […]

Grassroots Cheer Republicans In DC As They Fight Republicans In Columbus

Ohio statehouse Republicans will be voting in April to accept Obamacare money in Ohio.  Call your state reps now to stop it.Ohio Republicans opposed to Obamacare are in a unique position to watch a strange confluence of events.  On the one hand, we have the Republicans in Congress doing everything they can to slow the implementation of the ACA – voting to defund Obamacare in the US House budget, turning down requests for more dollars for implementation, voting […]

ORP TO Profit From IRS Targeting Of Tea Party

GOP_Money_2We wrote earlier on how some Tea Party leaders are calling out the ORP for using the IRS scandal to raise money for themselves. Over at WMD they point out that the ORP has no intention of helping the Tea Party expose the IRS scandal, but are instead helping themselves to the opportunity to pocket […]