Kasich Strong-Arms on Medicaid Expansion, Even at Goodness Luncheon

kasichBigGovernmentGovernor Kasich headed to Cleveland last week to accept the Sam Miller Goodness Award at the Project Love Celebration of Goodness luncheon. He was likely honored with the award due to his push to expand Medicaid in Ohio. It’s a funny thing, but while Kasich was being honored for his goodness, he couldn’t help doing a little strong-arming. The Columbus Dispatch reports Kasich spoke with Rep. Marlene Anielski at the event and described the conversation as […]

Call Today to Defund Obamacare, US House Vote Imminent

UnknownThe latest brain-child to come out of Speaker Boehner and Majority Leader Cantor’s offices is what is commonly known in the NBA as a “pump fake” where a player fakes a shot then passes to an open man or drives to the basket. Breitbart.com has learned House leadership plans to introduce a Continuing Resolution this week which funds the government at sequester levels and includes an amendment that defunds Obamacare. The defunding amendment, however, can […]

A Few Tickets Still Available from Ohio for Tuesday’s “Exempt America” from Obamacare Rally in D.C.

exempt_americaAt the time of this writing, there are still a few dozen tickets available for a trip to the “Exempt America” rally being held in Washington D.C. this coming Tuesday, September, 10, 2013.  From an email sent by Tea Party Patriots last Friday: During the August recess, Congress ignored us, they hid from us and they refused to meet with the very people who they represent. The truth is they don’t want to face the […]

Kasich Talks in Circles While Conservatives Block Obamacare and Cut Spending

CirclesGovernor Kasich is all over the board these days with his policy positions and some may feel, a bit hypocritical.  It is fair to say that no one really knows if Kasich is for Obamacare or against it.  And now the governor is pushing for a balanced budget amendment while simultaneously calling for the expansion of a major entitlement. Even Kasich admits he is hard to nail down.  In a recent Columbus Dispatch article which […]

Obamacare … Fun, cool, and YOLO

Obamacare ... because YOLOCrossroads Grassroots Policy Strategies (GPS) has produced a new video which uses a little humor to make  young, healthy Americans aware of what the Obamacare exchanges mean to them. Please pass this along to the young person in your life – the 18-35 year old – and let them know that they are needed by Obama to pay more for their own health care so they can subsidize the health care of middle-aged America. Yes, young […]