Workplace Freedom Update Week of 8/31

workplace-freedom-OHSue Ellen King, Meta Hahn and Louann were busy again this past holiday weekend collecting signatures for Workplace Freedom. This time their venue to collect was the Upper Arlington Arts Festival. Thanks to their industriousness, 146 more signatures were collected. Although some union members they encountered there objected and said that Labor Day was sacred and shouldn’t be defiled by right-to-work petition gatherers, the park turned out to be a great venue for signature gathering. […]

Workplace Freedom Signatures Continue to be Collected in Central Ohio

Ohioans_for_Workplace_FreedomThis past weekend three volunteers from Central Ohio added 98 signatures to those obtained previously for the Workplace Freedom initiative. Sue Ellen King, Meta Hahn and Tom Castor, all Westerville TEA Party members, worked at two different venues and on two different days to get an impressive number of signatures. The group’s first venue was Fourth Friday, a Westerville staple throughout the summer. The Westerville TEA Party has a booth in front of the Buckeye […]

1851 Center Moves to Protect Ohioans’ Initiative and Referendum Rights

1851 Center for Constitutional LawFOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE September 20, 2013 MEDIA CONTACT Maurice A . Thompson Legal Center Moves to Protect Ohioans’ Initiative and Referendum Rights from Legislative Suppression Key features of Senate Bill 47 “reform” violate Ohio Constitution and First Amendment speech and associational rights, restrict free trade Columbus, OH – The 1851 Center for Constitutional Law today moved in federal court to immediately enjoin the state from enforcing Senate Bill 47′s new limits on Ohioans’ initiative and referendum […]

Ohio Liberty Leaders Expect Speaker Boehner to Stand Strong on Immigration Reform

A message from Ann Becker, President of Cincinnati Tea Party: Letter Signed by over 120 Liberty Group Leaders Join Them! On Monday, a letter was submitted to the Speaker of the House, John Boehner, from over 120 Liberty Group leaders from across Ohio.  In the letter, it is stated that the Liberty Leaders expected the Speaker to reject the U. S. Senate immigration legislation which does not provide a solution to the illegal entry problem and to pass legislation that stops illegal immigration before addressing other related issues.  Read the letter here. Letter writer and Cincinnati Tea Party President Ann Becker stated, “Speaker Boehner is my Congressmen.  I expect him to stand strong against the Senate Immigration Bill.  This bill does not solve the problems we have regarding immigration in this country.  I expect a lasting solution so my children will not have to take on this issue in another 20 years.  This is a line in the sand for me.  I expect the Speaker to hold strong and not bring the Senate bill to the floor.” We want all citizens to have the chance to sign the letter and let their voices be heard.  Click this link to sign the letter.  The letter will be delivered to Speaker Boehner’s office next week. Yours in Liberty, Ann Becker President Cincinnati Tea Party