Kasich Talks in Circles While Conservatives Block Obamacare and Cut Spending

CirclesGovernor Kasich is all over the board these days with his policy positions and some may feel, a bit hypocritical.  It is fair to say that no one really knows if Kasich is for Obamacare or against it.  And now the governor is pushing for a balanced budget amendment while simultaneously calling for the expansion of a major entitlement. Even Kasich admits he is hard to nail down.  In a recent Columbus Dispatch article which […]

Obamacare Medicaid Expansion in Ohio: All Dressed Up and Still No Place to Go

Vintage-Prom-Dresses1The Senate Medicaid Subcommittee served up a little Kool-aid last week when they heard the much anticipated findings of a study they commissioned from Ohio State University and the Health Policy Institute of Ohio as part of the Senate’s Medicaid reform effort. The study looked at different growth rates of the cost of Medicaid with and without Medicaid expansion to determine if overtime the state could spend less money on the program even if enrollment […]

Magnitude of Kasich’s Obamacare About-face Revealed in Court Brief

Obama KasichAs the members of the General Assembly return from summer recess we will hear talk, threats and promises of “needed Medicaid reform” from Governor Kasich, Democrats, news outlets and Republican legislators, parroting the demands of the hospital/welfare activist lobby.  There will be no mention, though, of implementing the Affordable Care Act.  The Governor’s camp-followers will insist their rewriting of Medicaid eligibility has nothing to do with the Obamacare train wreck facing Ohioans in 2014 and […]

Jim DeMint to visit Columbus on “Defunding Obamacare” August 27th

JimDemintOn Tuesday, August 27th former South Carolina Senator and current Heritage Foundation President, Jim DeMint, will be the featured speaker at the Defunding Obamacare and Getting America Back On Track event in Columbus. Rafael Cruz (Texas Senator Ted Cruz’s father) and Heritage Foundation’s CEO Mike Needham will be speaking at the event as well. There is no charge for the event, but an RSVP is required. You Are Cordially Invited to attend A Town Hall Event with […]

While Rome Burns, Renacci and Wenstrup Take a Stand

Nero_thumb1Americans posted in Benghazi refuse to stand down and die fighting for freedom while their Commander in Chief leaves them out to dry.  Tea party patriots sacrifice time and money fighting an ever oppressive government only to be targeted by the IRS for holding what can only be defined as truly American beliefs.  Congress and their staffs, well they surreptitiously seek exemption from Obamacare, a law they wrote and passed, while their fellow Americans lose […]