Tea Party’s Strength in Southwest Ohio Turning Heads

images-14Despite a couple of quotes likening the tea party to a sleeper cell and a bad cholesterol reading, the Cincinnati Enquirer writes a nice piece about the tea party’s strength in Southwest Ohio with some quotes from some familiar liberty group members. The Enquirer mentions two recent tea party wins – in Warren county where 12 of the 13 GOP leadership positions went to the tea party and in Clermont county where all six of […]

Talking Central Committee with 55KRC’s Brian Thomas

microphoneWednesday, a few of us appeared on the 550KRC morning show with Brian Thomas to talk about our recent successes with citizens taking back the political parties through central committee. On hand were Ohio Precinct Project co-founder, Rick Herron; newly elected “tea party” Warren County Republican Party Chairman, Ray Warrick; and Libertas Project Board Member, John Stevenot. […]

Business Lobby Revels in Boehner’s Rebuke of Tea Party

Capitol Building, Washington DC - corporate welfare centerIt’s always good to know who your friends are, and for the Tea Party, it’s not big business as is evident in Rick Moran’s American Thinker post, “Business lobbyists cheer Boehner smackdown of conservative groups.”  Moran points out that business groups are grateful for Speaker Boehner’s rebuke of the Tea Party and of conservative groups such as Heritage Action and Freedomworks.  Moran’s post quotes David French of the National Retail Federation, “The business community has been uniformly […]