Business Lobby Revels in Boehner’s Rebuke of Tea Party

Capitol Building, Washington DC - corporate welfare centerIt’s always good to know who your friends are, and for the Tea Party, it’s not big business as is evident in Rick Moran’s American Thinker post, “Business lobbyists cheer Boehner smackdown of conservative groups.”  Moran points out that business groups are grateful for Speaker Boehner’s rebuke of the Tea Party and of conservative groups such as Heritage Action and Freedomworks.  Moran’s post quotes David French of the National Retail Federation, “The business community has been uniformly […]

Strassel Solved the Riddle: Tea Party Targeting Round Two Underway

imagesSay what you will about the Obama administration, but you’ve got to admit, they know how to play hardball and they are shameless.  Not qualities necessarily to be admired, but effective, nonetheless. Kimberly Strassel’s WSJ piece, “IRS Targeting:  Round Two,”  explains the Obama administration’s latest shenanigans against the tea party.  It turns out the Administration’s feigned outrage over IRS targeting of tea parties may just have been a reaction to Phase One of a two […]

Tea party favorability tops Republican party

The 3rd Annual "We the People Convention" will be held in Columbus on Saturday, Sept 28We the People Convention 4682 State Route 43 Kent, OH 44240 Contact: Tom Zawistowski, President FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Saturday, December 14, 2013 AKRON, OH – On December 11, 2013 the Gallop organization [released] a poll indicating that TEA Party “Favorability” is currently at 30% with 58% of Republicans saying that they have a favorable opinion of the movement. By contrast, an October 9, 2013 Gallop poll showed that Republican Party “Favorability” was at 28%. Tom […]

Portage County Tea Party reminds President: This Wednesday is September 11th

PortageCountyTeaParty-logo-webPortage County TEA Party 4682 State Route 43, Kent, OH 44240 • PRESS RELEASE FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: September 9, 2013 Contact: Tom Zawistowski TEA PARTY “WARNS” PRESIDENT OBAMA ABOUT SEPTEMBER 11th Kent, OH – The Portage County TEA Party today released a statement “warning” President Obama that Wednesday is September 11, 2013.  In making the statement, Executive Director Tom Zawistowski said, “Though it may seem obvious, we wanted to warn President Obama and his senior advisors, […]

IRS Targeting of Tea Parties Continues, Surprised?

IRS UnbalancedThe latest bombshell coming out of the tea party intimidation scandal is the news that the IRS is still to this day targeting tea party groups.  The Washington Examiner reports Ways & Means Committee Chairman Dave Camp released closed door testimony of an IRS agent which revealed tea party applications are still being directed to a “secondary screening”. The Washington Examiner report goes on to explain that in the absence of new procedures, IRS employees have […]