Ohio Voter Registration Lookup Tools

OhioVoterRegistrationThe folks at Toledo Tea Party have been hard at work to supply us with two new tools for retrieving Voter Registration information. Toledo Tea Party Chairman John McAvoy says: “There are over 7.6 million registered voters in Ohio. We’ve uploaded the entire Ohio voter registration database to our web servers, and have created numerous powerful search tools that allow our members to perform very in depth and detailed searches from this database and other […]

Tool to verify your signatures or lookup voter information

VoterLookupToolAs the filing deadline draws near (4pm, Dec 16th),  many candidates are out collecting signatures in their districts and then the big question hits them:  “How do I know if the person who just signed my petition is OK or not?” The NW Ohio Conservative Coalition and the Toledo Tea Party have implemented a very powerful tool that allows anyone to quickly and easily check the voter registration database to determine a persons party affiliation,  […]

Last Minute Tips for Election Workers

November 3, 2014

Here are a few last minute suggestions for Election Day workers:

1. Dress is business casual – shirt and/or sweater and slacks that are comfortable. Remember to wear comfortable shoes!

2. Small cooler with drinks, snacks, lunch, etc. – there may be a fridge at your facility. You will get 1 hour for lunch and can leave the facility at that time. Lunch can be a bit later since you will be there late. Remember to bring enough snacks to sustain you since we will …

Ohio VIP voter challenges upheld in Franklin County

Ohio Voter Integrity ProjectFOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE (Columbus, Ohio) – June 7, 2013 – Yesterday the Franklin County Board of Elections (BOE) unanimously voted to accept thirty seven (37) challenges of voters registered at USPS and UPS stores. The challenges were submitted by Carol Bicking of Ohio Voter Integrity Project (Ohio VIP), a non-partisan group dedicated to helping maintain […]