Change Politics in Ohio

One person can make a difference

They always say, ‘One person can make a difference’.

Most of the time, I hear that and I roll my eyes. With all of the issues our country is facing and the political climate…how can I – one person alone, make a difference.

There is a way. It’s not yelling at the TV while I watch Fox News. It’s not posting articles on Facebook. There is an actual real-world way that one person can change politics in Ohio.

I have been in politics for almost 10 years. I have sent emails, made phone calls, letters, lead rallies, lead protests, testified about legislation, ran campaigns, run for office, was elected to office…. With all that political experiences, one of the most simple things I did was the most effective.

I ran for my Central Committee seat.

If you have never heard of Central Committee before, you are not alone. It is one of the best-kept secrets in politics. ‘They’ don’t talk about it because ‘they’ know Central Committee is where the power is.

Central Committee is the governing body of a political party. The Committee is where the decisions are made – who runs for office, who is supported and what the Republican Party stands for.

Every person. Every one of us has an elected member of the Republican Central Committee.

If its not you, it should be.

Southwest Ohio has a chance to lead the way. Butler, Hamilton, Warren and Clermont Counties are up for election.  We have the chance to make a big change in the political environment in the region.

We want you. You need to be involved. We need warriors. We need people that will stand up for what is right.

We will be with you the whole way.

The Ohio Liberty Precinct Initiative is made up of committed folks that have run for their Central Committee seat. Know how important it is and want to teach you.

There is a time crunch. You need to file a petition to run at your County Board of Elections that is due on February 7th before 4pm.

Join us any Monday in January for a Statewide Conference call teaching you about Central Committee, how to file your petition and the importance of the Central Committee and answering your questions.

Our calls begin at 9pm on Monday nights. They will all be the same content so any Monday night will work. If you can’t make any Monday night, let me know.

Register for the Statewide Call here. 

Or email Ann Becker at

We want you to change politics in Ohio. One person can make a difference. It can be you.

Learn more at

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