Cincinnati Activists Stand for Freedom

Activism is alive and well in Cincinnati!  Yesterday the Tea Party Patriots held a huge rally in Washington DC asking Congress to ‘Audit the IRS’.  Two of our Tea Party leaders, George Brunemann and Justin Binik-Thomas, were featured speakers, telling the story of their issues with the IRS.  Several of our members from the area also attended.

Here in Cincinnati members of the Cincinnati Tea Party held two sign-waves to stand in solidarity with the Tea Party Patriots.

Over thirty members gathered at Congressman Wenstrup’s office on Beechmont Avenue and over eighty people gathered to wave signs at Speakers Boehner’s office.

After the sign wave, members went into the Congressional offices to deliver the letters of over 60 patriots who wanted to be there, but couldn’t.

Below are pictures from the event.

Congressman Wenstrup’s Anderson Office

IMG-20130619-00178 Anderson-20130619-00183 Congressman Wenstrup's Office
















Speaker Boehner’s West Chester Office

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