Tea Party to Protest Kasich Speech

Fountain SquareCincinnati. com reports :  “Tea Party to protest Gov. John Kasich’s speech.”

From Media Release:

Cincinnati Tea Party to Protest John Kasich and SW Ohio Legislators,  Cincinnati, OH – March 11, 2013

Cincinnati Tea Party will be protesting John Kasich and SW Ohio Legislators at the Hamilton County Republican Lincoln-Reagan Day Dinner because of their support for Medicaid expansion in Ohio, or what many are popularly calling “KasichCare.”

Date of Protest: Monday, March 11th, Time: 5pm
Location: Duke Energy Center, Address: 525 Elm Street, Cincinnati, OH, 45202

Immediately following the protest, tea party supporters will be making phone calls to voters in the following representative’s districts: Peter Stautberg (Hamilton County), Peter Beck (Warren County) and Timothy Derickson (Butler County).

Why the protest?

Governor Kasich has proposed voluntarily expanding Medicaid with funds from Obamacare which would be in alignment with terms and conditions outlined in the 2010 federal healthcare bill. The Cincinnati Tea Party is opposed to this expansion of Obamacare in Ohio.

Why does the Cincinnati Tea Party oppose Obamacare expansion in Ohio?

1. Debt financed spending is not an answer to any problem: America is already broke, and can’t afford billions in new debt. More spending means more debt for our children and potentially more future taxes for everyone. It is our money whether it comes from Columbus or DC.

2. Failure to address current issues will create a bigger long-term problem: What was envisioned as a $1 billion dollar a year program in the 1970′s in Ohio has quickly turned into Ohio’s biggest budget item at over $15 billion a year. By expanding this program, Governor Kasich would indefinitely burden Ohio taxpayers with billions more in unsustainable spending.

3. Expanding a failing program does not deal with the problems of those most in need: Recent studies by the University of Virginia have shown that “surgical patients on Medicaid are 13 percent more likely to die than those without insurance of any kind.” And, these patients on “Medicaid were nearly twice as likely to die before leaving the hospital than those with private insurance.”

The Cincinnati Tea Party believes that government controlled healthcare is bad for individuals, bad for Ohio and bad for America. For these reasons, we strongly oppose the government takeover of healthcare by Obamacare and Medicaid expansion and stand with 66% of Ohioans who, in November of 2011, voted for a Healthcare Freedom Amendment to Ohio’s Constitution which would protect them from further government intrusion into their healthcare decisions.

One thought on “ Tea Party to Protest Kasich Speech

  1. The governor is going against the wishes of 66% of the voters that said to Issue 3 in 2011. What is he thinking?

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