Common Core Update

Fortunately for Ohioans, Representative Andy Thompson has drafted HB237, which calls for the FULL REPEAL of Common Core Standards in Ohio, and it is awaiting advancement.

Curiously, last week Representative Stautberg introduced a bill that would halt Ohio’s plans to give K-12 students new “common core” tests next year. Rep. Stautberg’s bill is disingenuous, as it does nothing to remedy the actual concerns of parents, grandparents and anti-common core constituents. Liberty group leaders met with him over a year ago to explain the research we had done into the authors of CCS and manner in which CCS were so stealthily slipped into the education system and we forewarned him of what we saw coming. Again in May, 2013, OH27 voters sat down with Rep. Stautberg asking him to fully repeal CCS in Ohio. He now offers this toothless legislation that fails to address the issue at hand with CCS~the federal takeover of education and the loss of state sovereignty, parental rights and local school districts’ control over assessments, and ultimately curriculum. OH27 voters also asked Rep. Stautberg months ago to co-sponsor Rep. Thompson’s HB237, yet we received no reply. It appears that the upcoming primary may be the impetus for his newly introduced bill and again re-election is what is motivating his “concern.” Additionally, his bill puts the power of the assessment approval in the hands of the controlling board. How did that work out for Ohioans with Medicaid expansion? His bill merely plucks off the dandelion bloom, leaving the firmly rooted plant intact to choke and destroy our garden ofLiberty. Again, OH27 constitutents want the full repeal bill HB237 ~ it just does not get more ELEMENTARY than that.

Please ask Rep. Stautberg to co-sponsor HB237!!




Anderson Tea Party Meeting

7850 Five Mile Road

Cincinnati, OH 45230

7:00 pm

Seating is limited!!

Ohio residents, please take the time to come and learn the truth about Common Core ~ seating is limited. Just like Obamacare, where Congress had to “pass the bill to see what was in it,” Common Core Standards had to be adopted by the States in order to receive Race To The Top funding, prior to the standards being written. There was no cost analysis done by states. The standards are not rigorous or internationally benchmarked, despite claims of such. What a LESSON to be learned! Now they question the standards and the testing? The state legislatures should have done THEIR HOMEWORK on the authors and contents of Common Core Standards before grabbing the ca$h. State Legislator Andy Thompson has a Repeal Common Core bill, HB237, in the Ohio House that can put the brakes on this immediately. The RNC on 4/12/13, Hamilton County Republican Party, and Anderson Township Republican Central Committee have all adopted a Resolution Concerning Common Core and we look forward to Representative Stautberg signing on to Andy Thompson’s HB237 if he is serious about uprooting this by the core and representing his constituents.

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