Emergency Action Phone Calls to Columbus!!!!

It is our understanding that tonight the Ohio House is going to meet to “count votes” to see if the support is there to pass the Expansion of Medicaid in some form.  If we want to stop this, it must happen today.  It is imperative that ALL of us, ALL OF US, call every Republican in the House and demand that they stand firm against the Expansion of Medicaid or ANY implementation of ObamaCare in ANY FORM. 
 When you call, this is what you should say:
1 – 66% of Ohio Citizens voted for the Ohio Health Care Amendment indicating that they did not want government controlled health care.  A vote to Expand Medicaid is a direct rejection of the will of the people and is not acceptable.
2 – Despite what Representative Barbara Sears has told them, and the Governor’s staff has told them, it is immoral to dump hundreds of thousands of additional citizens into a system that provides inferior care.  The University of Virginia Study of 900,000 medicaid cases, included 71% which were under managed care AND include medicaid patients in Ohio. For them to say that study is wrong is pure politics.  The MORAL thing for them to do is to REFORM our current Medicaid system, not expand it, so that the “truly needy” receive quality care we can afford.
3 – it is the official policy of national Republican Party to DEFUND and REPEAL ObamaCare as just stated unequivocally by Paul Ryan when he submitted his Budget Proposal that is currently being voted on by the House. and was explicitly stated to Liberty Leaders on our Conference Call with Congressman Jim Jordan just two weeks ago.  If this is the GOAL of the Republican Party, why would anyone, let alone Republican Ohio House Members believe the Governor’s assurances that we can count on the Federal Government to pay 100% of the cost of Medicaid Expansion in the first year and then 90% after that????  Our own party is saying that their goal is to make sure the money is not there!!!!
4 – ANY implementation of ObamaCare is literally “sowing the seeds of their own destruction”. Part of the ObamaCare law REQUIRES the hiring of what they call NAVIGATORS, people who will work FULL TIME for “Non-Profits” and be paid by the taxpayers, who’s job it will be to sign people up for Medicaid and the Health Care Exchanges.  In doing that these NAVIGATORS will be REQUIRED to register those people to vote.  The net effect will be hundreds of thousands of newly registered Democrats who will then VOTE AGAINST REPUBLICANS because they will be told the republicans will take their health care away.  EVERY SINGLE HOUSE MEMBER will be affected by this and we will lose our majority within two election cycles.  WHY WOULD THEY SUPPORT ANYTHING THAT REMOVES THEM FROM OFFICE!!!!
All Liberty Leaders must get this email, and the list below of Ohio House member, to ALL of your members so that they can start calling and keep calling every one of them all day.  WE MUST RISE UP – RIGHT NOW – AND BLOW UP THEIR PHONE SYSTEM. Please take action NOW, time is short and we must win this fight.
Tom Zawistowski
1-800-846-4630 Ext 104
“Adams, John (R-Sidney)”,614-466-1507
“Adams, Richard (R-Troy)”,614-466-8114
“Amstutz, Ron (R-Wooster)”,614-466-1474
“Anielski, Marlene (R-Walton Hills)”,614-644-6041
“Baker, Nan (R-Westlake)”,614-466-0961
“Batchelder, Bill (R-Medina)”,614-466-8140
“Beck, Peter (R-Mason)”,614-644-6027
“Becker, John (R-Union Twp.)”,614-466-8134
“Blair, Terrence (R-Washington Twp.)”,614-466-6504
“Blessing, Louis (R-Cincinnati)”,614-466-9091
“Boose, Terry (R-Norwalk)”,614-466-9628
“Brenner, Andy (R-Powell)”,614-644-6711
“Brown, Tim (R-Bowling Green)”,614-466-8104
“Buchy, Jim (R-Greenville)”,614-466-6344
“Burkley, Tony (R-Paulding)”,614-644-5091
“Butler, Jim (R-Oakwood)”,614-644-6008
“Conditt, Margaret (R-Liberty Twp.)”,614-466-8550
“Damschroder, Rex (R-Fremont)”,614-466-1374
“Derickson, Tim (R-Oxford)”,614-644-5094
“DeVitis, Tony (R-Uniontown)”,614-466-1790
“Dovilla, Mike (R-Berea)”,614-466-4895
“Duffey, Mike (R-Worthington)”,614-644-6030
“Gonzales, Anne (R-Westerville)”,614-466-4847
“Green, Doug (R-Mt. Orab)”,614-644-6034
“Grossman, Cheryl (R-Grove City)”,614-466-9690
“Hackett, Bob (R-London)”,614-466-1470
“Hagan, Christina (R-Alliance)”,614-466-9078
“Hall, David (R-Millersburg)”,614-466-2994
“Hayes, Bill (R-Harrison Twp.)”,614-466-2500
“Henne, Michael (R-Clayton)”,614-644-8051
“Hill, Brian (R-Zanesville)”,614-644-6014
“Hood, Ron (R-Ashville)”,614-466-1464
“Hottinger, Jay (R-Newark)”,614-466-1482
“Huffman, Matt (R-Lima)”,614-466-9624
“Johnson, Terry (R-McDermott)”,614-466-2124
“Kunze, Stephanie (R-Hilliard)”,614-466-8012
“Landis, Al (R-Dover)”,614-466-8035
“Lynch, Matt (R-Chagrin Falls)”,614-644-5088
“Maag, Ron (R-Lebanon)”,614-644-6023
“McClain, Jeff (R-Upper Sandusky)”,614-644-6265
“McGregor, Ross (R-Springfield)”,614-466-2038
“Pelanda, Dorothy (R-Marysville)”,614-466-8147
“Perales, Rick (R-Beavercreek)”,614-644-6020
“Retherford, Wes (R-Hamilton)”,614-644-6721
“Roegner, Kristina (R-Hudson)”,614-466-1177
“Romanchuk, Mark (R-Mansfield)”,614-466-5802
“Rosenberger, Cliff (R-Clarksville)”,614-466-3506
“Ruhl, Margaret Ann (R-Mt. Vernon)”,614-466-1431
“Scherer, Gary (R-Circleville)”,614-644-7928
“Schuring, Kirk (R-Canton)”,614-752-2438
“Sears, Barbara (R-Sylvania)”,614-644-1731
“Slaby, Marilyn (R-Akron)”,614-644-5085
“Smith, Ryan (R-Gallipolis)”,614-466-1366
“Sprague, Robert (R-Findlay)”,614-466-3819
“Stautberg, Peter (R-Cincinnati)”,614-644-6886
“Stebelton, Gerald (R-Lancaster)”,614-466-8100
“Terhar, Louis (R-Cincinnati)”,614-466-8258
“Thompson, Andy (R-Marietta)”,614-644-8728
“Wachtmann, Lynn (R-Napoleon)”,614-466-3760
“Young, Ron (R-Leroy)”,614-644-6074

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