Great event with Josh Mandel

Join us for a great event with Josh Mandel in Warren County.
Warren County has made great gains in the direction of their county Republican Party. One of our goals as a Liberty Movement is to get more involved in politics the most effective way we can.  One of the most effective ways is to become a member of your county party’s Central Committee.  Learn more at Ohio Precinct Project.

Many of us are disgusted with the GOP.  Speaker Bohener’s cave on the DHS funding this week is enough to make anyone fed up with politics.

We must remember that a party is made up of those that show up.  If the only people that show up are spineless cowards, then our party will be spineless.  We need people of principle and courage in our political process and that begins with us.  We need to be the people that take a stand.  Warren County has begun that process.

We need to support them.

Join the Warren County GOP in welcoming State Treasure Josh Mandel to speak at their annual Lincoln Reagan Dinner.

Warren County GOP Lincoln Reagan Liberty Dinner with Josh Mandel
When: Thursday, March 19th at 6pm
Where: Manor House, 7440 Mason-Montgomery Road Mason, Ohio 45040
Cost: $60 per ticket, cost goes to $75 after March 13th

Get Tickets Here:

Keynote Speaker Treasurer Josh Mandel
Josh has served the conservative taxpayers of Ohio well. He recently set up internet access to the State checkbook for all citizens. A bold move in government transparency. We can see how our tax dollars are being used.

Special Guests

Brian Thomas – 55 KRC Radio Personality. Brian is a champion of all things liberty and a proponent of traditional Republican values.

Heidi Huber – Founder, Ohioans Against Common Core. Heidi is a mom and an activist who has been dedicated to the fight of stopping the federal government’s unwarranted intrusion into our schools.

Richard Lynch Band – Warren County’s own recording artist.  They will entertain us during the 6pm cocktail hour.

Join us March 19th for an amazing night of celebration!

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