Have you been impressed with Governor Kasich?

The Presidential race is getting hot.  Here is Ohio, we are paying more attention because of the focus on our Governor John Kasich.  His performance on the debate stage has raised some eyebrows. We understand because his support of Common Core and Medicaid Expansion through Obamacare has raised our eyebrows…and blood pressure, for years.

His performance Tuesday night in the debate was particularly ‘interesting’.  Some of his comments gave him the distinguished honor of earning the lowest score in Frank Luntz’s focus group…ever.

Ohio can do better. We need to stand by principle and elect men and women who know how to stand by the Constitution and the free market.  It is going to take a lot of work to move Ohio away from the influence of politicians who leave Common Core and Medicaid Expansion on the books.  It will take work, but it will be done.

We are working right now on our plan for educating the electorate in 2016.  We would love your support as we plan for this important year.  If you could give us a donation, $10, $25, $100, it would help make our planning easier. Visit https://cincinnatiteaparty.org/donate to make a PayPal donation or send a check, made out to the Cincinnati Tea Party, to P.O. Box 203 West Chester, Ohio 45071.

Thank you for your support.  We will make 2016 a year to remember.

News of the Week

How is Ohio really doing? Not as well as Kasich is telling the country – From Ohio Rising. Opportunity Ohio’s Matt Mayer presents the budget numbers for Ohio’s current Budget and Management report. They aren’t as rosy as Governor Kasich is telling the country.

John Kasich: “I’m kind of like Jesus, only better.” From Red State. “If you have a flock with no shepherd, or a bad shepherd — say the shepherd’s like drinking during the day — what happens to the flock?” Kasich asked. “But when the shepherd is strong, then the shepherd can guide the flock to good outcomes.”

Why Donald Trump is wrong about Ohio fracking jobs – But the truth is worse for John Kasich – From Ohio Rising.  Matt Mayer from Opportunity Ohio shows us the true data on the jobs created by fracking in Ohio.

BOE: Hamilton County voters deserve better – from Cincinnati.com.  There were a lot of problems on Election Day in Hamilton County.  At the polling place I was working in Springfield Township, voters were walking away without being able to vote and some waited over an hour to vote. We need this worked out for 2016.

Ohio School District Forced to return $5.5 Million in Illegal Taxes to Taxpayers  – From 1851 Center for Constitutional Law. After a five-plus year legal battle concluded with an Ohio Court denying all of its objections, the Indian Hill Exempted Village School District Board of Education late yesterday finally conceded that it must return the $5.5 million that it illegally assessed taxpayers after raising taxes without a public vote in 2010.

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