Heidi Huber on Glenn Beck

Last week, one of our local activists Heidi Huber from Ohioans Against Common Core, was on Glenn Beck’s radio show. Heidi is one of my heroes in the liberty movement.  She saw an issue that went against her beliefs, she learned all she could about it and she spreads the word every way she can about the dangers of Common Core.

As a teacher, it is hard for me to keep my head straight about Common Core.  We get training and information about it weekly.  Heidi has given me the tools I need to understand the implications of Common Core and the facts to defend my positions to my colleagues.  

Thanks to Heidi for her work defending the children of Ohio!  Watch the video of Heidi talking to Glenn below. She will also be at the Clermont County Tea Party meeting on Tuesday  if you would like to learn more about Common Core.


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