Help us Stop Common Core

Last week Ohioans Against Common Core hosted an amazing event supporting HB237, a bill that will repeal Common Core in Ohio.  See the pictures of the event here.

We need your help to get this bill a vote on the floor of the Ohio House.  The bill is currently stuck in the Education Committee.  One of the State Reps. John Adams, pulled what is called a Discharge Petition.  If this petition gets 50 signatures from the other State Reps, it will get a vote on the floor of the House.

We need your help to call your State Rep.  Here is a link to the Ohio House of Representative Member Directory.  Ask them to sign the Discharge Petition for HB237, Repeal Common Core.  The following is an interview I did with State Rep Adams about this issue, to give you more information.

Please let us know if your State Rep has signed the petition and we will keep a count until we get 50 signatures statewide.  This is very doable.  We can get a vote to Repeal Common Core a vote in the fall.   We need your help in talking to your State Rep to make it happen.

Ask your State Rep to sign the Discharge Petition for House Bill 237 to Repeal Common Core!

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