How’s that gas price treating you….

Gas diesel food sign.Wow. Here we are beginning of March and gas is hitting 3.89 a gallon. I had predicted back in November after the election that gas would start going back up again, but it actually went down to close to $3.00 a gallon in January. I don’t know who we invaded or what hurricane is to blame, but come on. At this rate, we will be paying close to $5.00 a gallon on July 4th. This economy doesn’t work on expensive energy people. There really is not much to do either. Oh, no there is, we could drill here or we could start a damn pipeline and bring energy in from Canada.  The wrong group of people were elected and we are being nudged. One final funny note, these same people will complain that they are not getting enough gas tax revenue as people buy less gas. We will then be hit with another tax somewhere to get them the “lost” income from people naturally cutting back on trips or combining errands. Funny how that works.

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