If you are a woman in Hamilton County, we need you

Over the past four years, we have been teaching Liberty-minded  Ohioans about Central Committee – the organizing body of the political parties.  Learn more about Central Committee here.

Next week is the filing deadline to be on the ballot for Central Committee.  Warren County is the only local county with seats up for county-wide Central Committee, but there are other seats available all over Ohio, State Central Committee.

State Central Committee is the governing body of the Ohio level political parties, the Ohio Republican Party, and Ohio Democratic Party.  The seats for State Central Committee are up every two years.

The dividing lines for State Central Committee are based on State Senate districts and  have one man and one woman per district with a total of 66 members.  Find your State Senate District and corresponding State Central Seat on this map.

There are a lot of great people running for these seats this spring all over Ohio, but we are in need of  Liberty Minded women to run in the Hamilton County seats.  If you are a woman in Hamilton County and have been looking for a way to take your activism to the next level, please contact me, Ann Becker at ann1@cincinnatiteaparty.org.  The filing deadline is in a week, and you only need five signatures to get on the ballot.

I hope we can find amazing women to run for these positions so we can make big changes here in Ohio.

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